Does see pooling really works?

I have almost 15000 portable plots. Until last Monday they were on Flexpool where I was getting payout every day and 0.25 coin for each reward. the last week I was on Flexpool I mined 4 blocks and got 1 XCH for these + $60-$70 a day worth of CHIA so I thought I would give a shot at self pooling. I"ve been self pooling since last Sunday and got nothing and I’m starting to wonder if self pooling really works?

Yes it works, I’ve only ever solod, be it og or nft, and won blocks with both sets of plots.

Often pools change your payout address to theirs, so check your payout address, possibly you won and unintentionally let the pool keep your coin.

Plus with a pool, much larger size, so luck is not as relevant to the individual vs going solo.

I start to feel the same. At about 2/3 your size and I haven’t seen a proof in a month. Nothing is wrong as far as I can tell but just a run of bad luck.

thanks. what’s the best way to check that the payout address is fine? when I do chia plotnft show it gives me a target address for that nft but how can I verify that this address is tied to my wallet? (assuming that target address is same as payout address)
I still have one machine using windows GUI and it shows a different payout address for that nft

If your plot nft says self pooling no need to check that, it’s controlled by smart contract and can’t be manipulated.

Your other addresses you can check in gui under farm tab, in top right, 3 little dots in a vertical row, click that, then click manage farming rewards.

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Thanks! I was thinking that I still have 4000+ OG plots, do you think we can still win rewards with these or should I just replace them with portable ones?

I’ve won with both since nft came out, I’m certainly not replotting.

I’d only replot if I wanted to use pools, which I don’t.

Pooling is the only way to make consistent XCH. And with a pool, you really need a min of 100TiB to avg. seven XCH coins a year. So, the bigger you are the better you you will do in a pool.

With 0% pool fee and historical profit you make significantly more on us than self-pooling.

Unless you have a massive data set to analyse you can’t know this.
And even with a massive data set there will be some who solo who are more lucky than others making your statement highly speculative and not fact.

There are people who have compared what they make with us to others.
You can also look at blocks won versus what we should win on a daily basis.

I have reviewed whales vs pools. Pools are constant and it is now math and you can calculate what you can expect to win on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. Currently, 100TiB will avg seven coins a year in a pool. That would NEVER occur self-pooling. Remember, for many people, this was and is a 3-5 year project at a min. Lots of stuff taking place with CHIA the business. We are just a baby in crypto. When the world wakes up, people will be pleasantly surprised. Never give up! IMHO :slight_smile: P.S. I have bought a few times on the dips as it was too good to pass up. Personally, I’m VERY bullish long-term on Chia. Patience is key. Remember BTC did not do crap for five years. IMHO, Chia will be closing in on the king in five years. To much good stuff. IMHO.


Of course it could. Same no of plots, same earning potential.

I have been doing this since day one. I have friends that have over 500TiB, all enterprise and zero coins. Zero. With pools, it is all math as the pools have so much more storage. Space is winning dozens of coins a day. Sorry to say, but it has come down to simple math and how much storage can you bring to the pool. Pool on your own, you are on your own. The partials add up. Like it or not, unless you run a pool, it takes patience.

Very true, I won’t argue.

Nonsense, never is a strong word, its entirely possible, but fool yourself if it makes you happy.

LOL…Show me ONE farmer who has a farm under 100TiB that has won seven coins in a year. For this purpose, 3-4. I do not know of one in existence given the parameters. I have one friend who does have a little over a PiB and he has only won five coins. Go figure.

How did he manage that lol, some kinda magician, they come in blocks of 2.

You said yourself

So either you know it makes no odds solo vs pool except for evening out payments, or you’re confused.

Confused…I called him and you are correct, I was wrong…he has eight coins. Again, IMHO, to spend the upfront cash and electricity for a PiB, Pools make more sense.

Lastly, I base my thoughts on also I bought 18 coins on in the dips and it is 50% cheaper than what it cost my rig. LOL. I’m trying to even out the playing field for me as once Chia gets out of diapers I fully believe, in 3-5 years Chia will be on the heels of the big boys. IMHO. To much good stuff in the company.

I too believe Chia has much to offer in the long term, it is a better way to do crypto-currency than proof of work. The Chia team are, at this point doing good work. The fact that it is still at $160/XCH despite China to all intents and purposes banning cryptocurrency is for remarkable.

It would have been much cheaper for me to buy XCH than farm it, but it has been a learning experience that has spawned a small sideline in IT recycling, which is itself interesting, and I find the farming, the maintenance and “pruning” enjoyable. My equipment is all second hand and can be “cashed in” whenever I feel like it. Only the electricity is a sunk-cost.

However, pooling is just about getting your rewards in smaller, more regular increments. Over time, 100 plots pooled wins the same as 100 plots solo, it’s just to see that result the time frame has to be very long for 100 plots, it doesn’t need to be as long for 1000 plots, 10000 plots etc.