Does see pooling really works?

Go figure… yes, please… Chia hasn’t been available on the Mainnet for a year, so it is impossible to make any assertions, re: “so-and-so has won x coins in a year”. Winning XCH is dynamic over time as the mainnet morphs, so basing on the first 6 months is not very useful… So the Maths.

But Surprise Fact: My solo farm had won 4 XCH when my farm was under 100TiB and well under 6 months old on 5/24 & 7/18. Go figure, indeed.

Further, there are '8,605,374 Unique addresses" that have received XCH (so far), and at least many are unique nodes. Unless you personally know a statistically representative number of farmers in the world, a judgement based on one is beyond ludicrous regardless of how many TiB or PiB they have … and whether they have won or not. Again it’s the Maths.

This is one of the most basic tenets of farming. How did it escape you?

Any farmer can buy a bushel of corn (at the market) for hundreds of times less than it cost to plant even a typical row of corn. Should he just give up, say it’s cheaper to buy corn because his tractor, fertilizer, etc. was so much more expensive, than the market price of corn?

Obviously, that’s not the point of farming…anything…because it’s the long game and the eventual harvest that matters. With that we at least agree.