Does sleeping your Windows 10 PC ruin ongoing plotting?

I had a plotting PC someone accidentally put to sleep via the Windows key command menu, during 8 parallel plots :scream:.

Does this ruin the ongoing plots, or can you wake the PC up and have the plotting continue?

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I woke the PC from sleep, waited for the first plot to finish, and ran a plot check on it – it passed! I ran several plot checks with varying n levels and they all passed. So sleeping a PC while it is plotting does NOT ruin any ongoing plots. It just (obviously) stops any plotting from happening while the PC is sleeping.


I’ve had mixed results. Sometimes it didn’t, more often it did. Accidentally done this about 5 times.

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Interesting. My sample size was only 1.

But in theory sleep should work this way, otherwise you’d never want computers to sleep because they would randomly corrupt whatever was going on.

That’s not to say that starting some intensive process and then sleeping your computer is a good idea, because it isn’t…

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Very true, most likely I was just not paying attention and I thought it had stopped plotting. This was in the beginning when I had no idea what I was doing! :sweat_smile:

I had another new rig go to sleep because I forgot to disable sleep, but I tested the ~4 plots that were in progress during the sleep via chia plots check and they all passed after the resume!

I think we can 100% confirm that sleeping your PC does not, generally speaking, break any ongoing plot activity.