Does solo mining make sense with >10 years to win?

Solo mining makes any sense? App says 10 years until… next plot is found. “Estimated time to win”. But 3 days ago it was 7 years. So adding 1 day of real world clock extends the time by 1 year ! Go figure.

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I think at some point they have to award fractions of coins to keep it interesting for smaller miners?

Because yeah, it’s pretty disheartening to see “10 years to win” with a single plot. Why would anyone continue? I mean I guess if it’s storage that is going to be online forever anyway, why not, but 10 years is a looong time to keep something online!

Chia should either consider rewarding fractions of a coin -or- allow pooled mining (like in the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum and other top coins). + detailed instructions.

Yes, pooling has already officially been announced, is planned, and has been discussed in many, many topics on the forum. Have a search if you want to learn more :wink:

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I wish that we can improve the user interface by adding options to join pools or farmers directly

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