Does this make any sense to anyone?

I started farming when pooling got introduced and I joined SpacePool right from the start. When the first “dust storm” hit, I apparently weathered it (pun intended) well 'cuz I got 3 or 4 blocks found during that week or so. Since, as part of a pool, that only got me .25 chia each time, I figured maybe I should try self pooling. So, I switched to that shortly after. I ended up getting 1 block the first week, then nothing for almost 2 months. (just over 7,000 plots, so my est win rate is 1/10 days) Finally, I decided on the 23rd of Dec to jump back into Space Pool. I got 1 block within 24 hours–then 2 more in the next 7 days.

Is this just weird luck, or is there some reason that I would win so much more when part of a pool?

Weird luck. Like right now it says I should win every 3 months on average. I won 4, each about 3 weeks apart… none before, none since… Just luck of the draw. When you win, your winning plot has no idea if you are actually in a pool or not.

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Pretty normal, when I am on a pool I win blocks, when I solo I don’t. Not completely true but it narows down to that. The same as when I interact in keybase I win a block otherwise I don’t. It’s just a correlation / bad luck / luck / whatever. :thinking:

This happened to me. joining pool after a while solo. as well as twice. But I couldn’t find a reason. i have no idea.

I have 2100 plots and earned nothing solo, joined a pool and get steady payouts. I won one block so far, pooled and got my split of the winnings.

It’s pure chance.

I am farming flax, I have won solo, as much as ought to have done, minus a patch early on when I had my payout address set wrong. There is 3 EiB netspace on flax and 32 EiB on Chia.

It’s all pure luck, I’ve got many many times over what the “estimated time to win” for my farm is and never got anything, and then suddenly got many wins in a short span.

I find it ironically funny that people seem to win more in pools than solo. Because one could think that pools would make money by cheating their farmers. At least Chia pools work :grin: