Don't go there!

Don’t go there!
Chia - core . com farming pool


OK, don’t go there… but you link it in the first post?


Rumour has it the exe does much more than screw with the official chia client’s configuration. @ChiaMiner why do you have the pool’s logo as your profile picture?

Your question should be reversed:
Why are they using my profile picture as their logo?

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Oh dear. Stealing is not a good look for a pool operator.

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well, i have over 400 plots as solo miner and still 0 xch,
so i think hpool or core pool will be my next choise…
sur i would not replot for official pool,
I wait a little longer to see, may an official pool accept the existing plots?

nope not without you giving them your private keys. only hpool has been around long enough for people to trust enough if at all

Chia-core,com seems to have all ready broken rule no:1 “chia” not to be used in the first part of the name


Ironic, Bram Cohen, the guy that created Bit Torrent, the biggest music and movie piracy tool ever, doesn’t want his trademark stolen lmao

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Lmao, that made my day.

yes but i would be careful, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. bit torrent is a tool it’s up to you how you use it eg: the internet use it for criminal activity or legit would you blame the creator.

I think they alter the reward adress to point to their pool wallet.
They are #38 of top farmers right now. With a total of 28 XCH found so far, whereas 12 blocks were won in the last 24h. So they have quite an influx of new users.

I’m not advertising. I’d never mine there. I just sit in their discord and watch. And from time to time, i try to get the devs to source their code openly. They say they’d love to and understand that this would potentially rule out the trust issue, but due to their “security checks” they cannot, otherwise it would be too easy to cheat the pool.

From what I can tell, people do actually receive payouts. Still, you never know what that .exe does else.

All while traying to patent Satoshi’s methodology by changing a few words around. :man_facepalming:

I don’t understand the whole don’t bite the hand that feeds you part of your comments, but good luck

well , actually if i had to choose bettween corechia or hpool, i think i will try core, because of the no privat key…, lets wait a bit longer^^