Don't understand the addresses...what are they and how to confirm they are right?

Heard about the address bug thing and checked my configuration, I don’t know how to confirm they are right.
I can see 4 addresses:
“first wallet address” in “chia keys show”
“farming reward address” and “pool reward address” in config file (which I can also see and change in the gui)
receive address in wallet page of the gui

How to confirm everything is right and which of these must be the same?
I don’t quite understand especially the “receive address”. There is a new address button and if I click it, the address simply changes to a new one. And I can’t find it elsewhere. It seems the receive address has nothing to do with other address and I wonder why you can change it so easily and what’s the use of it.

So what about the two reward addresses? Should it be the same as “first wallet address” or receive address? When you need to change the addresses?

I don’t think I’ve missed any coins because of this, though, as I often check all of my logs and it always says “0 proofs found”

What “address bug”? Do you have a link? This is related to wallet addresses?

I’m referring to this

Just to clarify, I don’t think it qualifies as a bug per say as the code isn’t causing the problem. It’s poor UX that is creating the confusion. The GUI doesn’t clarify that when you create a new “receiving” address the farming address isn’t updated in the config file so your rewards continue to accumulate there but you just aren’t aware of it. This is a fundamental mis-understanding of why we crypto nerds generally create additional receiving addresses. (We don’t want every transaction tied to the same wallet for security) Chia is attracting a much less crypto savvy group, which is awesome, but also exposing some poor UX in the process!!


Actually I don’t care about the GUI at all, I’m more comfortable in the command line. I only care If i’m farming right.
I tried to understand what you seem to suggest and anything I already know, but that lead to more confusion.
It seems the “first wallet address” in “chia keys show” never changed. To confirm that, I tried to install chia on a brand new machine (a newly created vps), and add my key with the 24-words mnemonic, then the same wallet address appears, both in chia keys show and in farming and pool reward address in the config file.
So I think this address is the most important since it’s baked into my key. And I changed my farming and pool reward address on my own machine to match it, is that right?
And about wallet receive address, I think it’s used to receive coins if someone sends me, and can be change for security reason, so there is a confusing “new address” button. But does it have anything to do with other keys? What will happen if I create a new address, and someone send me coins?

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