Don't waste a byte, get 5 free plots to fill your last space

Don’t waste a byte, get 5 free plots to fill your last space.

Quick and Easy: Fully automatic solution, Download all plots at once without waiting for the download links.

The title of the post is a bit misleading because the smallest granularity of mainnet Chia plots is about 100 GB.

In terms of “not wasting any byte”, it can be implemented by mining another cryptocurrency supporting a smaller plot granularity (e.g: Signum) in addition to Chia.

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You’re right.

What I wanted to express was that plotting needs at least 220GiB space. If it’s lower than 220GiB, you can’t start plotting.

You can download and fill the last 220GIB

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Security question: Is there a way to get the source code of PlotDownloader3 in order to compile it locally?

BTW: There is a typo on the fast-plotting status web page: Unkown


Security is important for every one.
The new version is being tested, the source code(C# .NET CORE 3.1) will be published when it’s stable
At present, we are adjusting and reviewing security of the web service API.

The latest source code is open .
You can review the source code and compile it locally.
It can be downloaded .from the plotting status page

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I’ve read about dual mining of Signum (formerly Burst) and Bitcoin HD. Do you know if that’s still possible at all?

Maybe you can try some chia forks with your chia plots.