Double down, or go home

Do I double down on chia.

Or just walk away, give up

It’s getting very convoluted

Plot compression Ect.

Is this actual project actually going anywhere at all anymore??

Is it even possible turn turn a profit at all if price stays the same? Or does the hd drive die before making its return?

Are new people actually still considering farming?

What are we all doing here still.

I have the same thoughts. All valid points.
New people will come. Chia is still a topic.
Compression is fun.
ESG is in trouble, not good for Chia.
This was beginner PoS school for us.
Live & learn.

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I may be muted by some but I’ll weigh in. I was with Chia just after the initial moon shot. After. Not during. So I have perspective whether some people want to believe that or not.

Convoluted. I appreciate your choice of word. Summarizes the situation perfectly. Brilliant way to describe it.

Regardless of my negative slant on things, if there is any crypto that I believe in it’s Chia. They are doing things differently and proper. Making it a legitimate blockchain for regulators. Not fringe. Going for the mainstream. This is the path forward but it doesn’t mean that Chia can get it over the finish line. Somebody else may take some of what they are doing and get it across the line instead. Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just a service provider and hard drives may very well be the solution for securing a blockchain the right way and the greenest way.

I don’t like having regrets. I don’t mind taking risks. When it comes to Chia? I’ve always said it’s unproven. Their PoST sounds great on paper but in reality they have no idea where this goes. It goes back to your word convoluted. It’s a sloppy mess, but it should sort itself out soon enough. Chia is really going to have to communicate very clearly and they are going to need to make use of old hardware. They cannot preach green but then not figure out how to make use of old GPUs and PCI-e 3.0 motherboards with 32GB DDR3 RAM. People don’t need 10 second plots. Make the goal to make plots quickly using a GPU with the most minimal or oldest hardware possible, then move up from there. Should be a starting point, not an after thought.

I’ve hit the pause button on filling drive or selling off old ETH hardware. Simply for the reason that I need to see how this compression situation goes. I’m still acquiring hard drives though for future use.

Are new people considering farming? Interesting. If you look at guides and videos? Stale cookies. Not current. Misleading. Painful. This compression and “2.0” version of plotting and farming should nullify all the old outdate information out there. So in that sense, I welcome the change.


What does this mean?

So plot compression it’s a trade of. If a plot it’s compressed means that during farming you needs more Gpu/Cpu cycles to validate vs a non compress plot.
The fundamental always was plotting is expensive farming it’s not.
Compression balance that, not clear yet if to the winning or losing side to be honest.

Even if you have the option, and until we know if that equation it’s positive, why all off the sudden the community thinks “if you cant do fast gpu compression you are out” regular k32 plots still work.

This is all explained here Plotting Chia's Future - Chia Network.

But did I miss anything? What is people afraid of?

I think what people are afraid of is that GPU farming is signaling a trend towards needing high(er) end hardware to farm, and thus moving away from the pi4/any old computer is good enough to use.
Even though it’s still possible to use it like you say. I think people still feel like it will mean that “others” will have an unfair advantage. I don’t see it that way though.

The other thing is that re-plotting always upsets people, and I do understand that. The whole idea was you make plots once, and then you’re good. This will be the third time making plots now in barely two years time.

You can keep your old plots, sure. But you will be losing out at least 15% compared to those who do re-plot. (The first compression level is basically free, it adds almost no overhead to the farm and still gives you about 15% more effective space).

Also, we are coming from “compression can’t be done, it’s snake oil” to “compression is real, and here it is, rejoice!” in the space of 6 months. (despite CNI’s best efforts to deny any such situation ever existed). So that’s twice now that CNI was caught off guard and had to scramble to get something out.

All that said, (re-)plotting just became a whole lot easier, faster and cheaper than it has ever been, so overall I think GPU plotting is a good thing. I see no reason why it will break anything fundamental.
I doubt everyone will re-plot, so for those of us who do, it will be advantageous.

I am doubling down, just got delivery of 10 x 16TB hdd’s so…But it’s hobby and hope, not investment genius. The best tech always wins? we’ll see. And even if it does, will that translate into profit for farmers? Who knows…

XCH still has a lot going for it that I like, but blockchain’s popularity as a whole is waning, and as others have pointed out, AI is the next big thing. So people paying millions for pixel monkeys might soon be a thing of the past.


My comment is based on what I read and have watched regarding ESG, Chia Inc, and its effects and acceptance in the marketplace. While promising at its inception, this whole concept has serious problems in practice from the gitgo, many of which are coming to light over time. Chia is part of this…and so… below is just a small sample of waht you can study to gain some info on this…

  1. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance . The World Bank today published a guide to help public debt managers improve their engagement with investors on ESG topics. Titled “Engaging with Investors on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues - A World Bank Guide for Sovereign Debt Managers,” it helps bridge the communication gap on ESG issues between sovereign issuers and investors. The guide outlines how sovereign debt investors use ESG information in their investment strategies, how debt managers are engaging with them, and how engagement can be improved.

  2. Cohn will lead the charge to drive adoption of Chia as secure programmable digital money that authentically delivers on environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, while Hands will partner with the storage vendors to optimize product development, market modeling and blockchain integration. Chia stands out as the premier green crypto option, on the path to adoption by financial firms, multinational companies and government agencies.

  3. BlackRock is LOSING!! The Beginning Of The END!? - YouTube

Environmental, Social and Governance

Coin issuance really puts me off doubling down.