I´ve just recently joined a pool and I am plotting with madmax in CLI with the new added -c argument.
Currently I have two plotting machines:
Machine 1 running full node and plotting
Machine 2 plotting and running the harvester.

So far the full node “sees” the plots from the harvester (though in the GUI it only shows the local plots on machine 1, but I see the different Plot Passed Filter). Is there anyplace where I can see if the new plots I am creating in both machines are participating in the pool? ( Machine 1 has 7 portable plots / Machine 2 has 11 portable plots but on the GUI , I only see the 7 “local” plots.

MACHINE 1 PLOTS (full node)

MACHINE 2 PLOTS ( harvester)

Plots being seen by FULL NODE ( both node and harvester)

PLOTS ON POOL ( only shows local plots on MACHINE 1)

I highly doubt you are going to get any usable support on a dev version of the client. If you wanted to actually test it, then join a pool on testnet and talk with the pool operators about issues you are having. If you want to jump the gun and try to run a pre-release version, you are on your own.

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Some pools including ours show you exactly how many harvesters you have and how they performed. The official GUI will give you visibility but maybe at a later release.

actually i am not having any issues… just have a doubt about how it works with several machines farming to the same key via a harvester. I am trying with this and with a small amount of plots that eventually i can re plot. Either way this version (1.1.799) is most likely to be the same as the official 1.2.0
Anyways, thanks for the advice.