Downloaded new chia and lost all plots

Somehow I downloaded a new Chia instead of a update and had to enter my 24 words again. I got back in and now my plots are missing. They folders are there in add plot directory but no plots are farming.

You went from what version to what version? Windows or linux?

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Windows. I’m not sure what I was running. I updated about 3 months ago when I replotted from og to nft. The new one is 1.6.2

Check config.yaml for directories.

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Have you used at any point any other mnemonics? If you did, and plotted using those, you would need to enter those as well.


I’ve sometimes had to re-add the plot directories with updates - there was one particular update where the chia install directory changed & there were issues with finding previous directories

Using CLI it’s very easy even if a bit laborious

cd C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\chia-blockchain\app-1.6.0\resources\app.asar.unpacked\daemon

.\chia.exe plots add -d "D:\xxx "


In the GUI, check where is says under add plot (add plot directory) and see whats there.


All the drives are in the plot directory.

Ok so today I deleted a smaller drive and plotted new plots. Well those plots dont show up either.

How did you get your pool, farmer keys to plot those?

You need to run CLI “chia keys show” and compare what you see there with what you used to get those new plots.

If they don’t match, it means that the keys you used to plot belong to different mnemonics.

If they do match, maybe the best place to start is to compare what you have in your config.yaml plot section with what you think your plots should be. Although, I assume that you have already gone through those motions that people already mentioned, what makes me think that this is not the case.

By the way, here is the link to chia’s CLI - CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

It’s possible that Chia is having trouble accessing one of your drives or it is corrupt or does not exist. This can cause no plots to appear. I suggest deleting all directories (fastest is via the config.yaml, make a backup before!) and then adding back one to see if the plots reappear. If they do then you know the cause and can add directories till you find the one that is causing problems.

Happened to me a few times when I change a directory location and forgot to edit the config file.

Your plots will be fine. Don’t replot

Chia.exe just needs to see them

id say that is above my pay grade. All i do is go to the plots. Add a plot and put in the same info I have always used. I have been here from the start but have never done any thing different.

Take a look at this post - Missing some plots in chia gui - #4 by seymour.krelborn

It describes (at the bottom) how to locate your chia.exe folder. One thing to add is that it may return two results, one starting with upper- and one with lower-case letters. Go to that with lower case letters.

You can also follow @ChiaJoe instructions above, although instead of the initial c:\users\xxx I would use %userprofile% followed by the rest of what he has there.

Once there, run the following commands:

chia plots check -n 5 -g f:\new_plots\*
chia plots check -n 5 -g g:\old_plots\*

We would like to know whether plots in the old_plots folder have same responses as the new ones, or rather chia will tell you that those are not your plots.

Basically, try to run it, ask for help if you get stuck, and let us know what you get. Someone will always help you to get through it.

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So went out of town for a month and the computer shut down while I was gone. fired it back up and synced for 3 days and my plots are back. bad part is they are no longer attached to a pool and i dont know how to fix it. I have alwased used core pool but im up for anything to get me back going. or help again with what I am doing wrong now.