Drive Corruption - HDD?

I’ve been plotting and farming from an empty WD My Book 12TB external drive to explore chia before investing in any new hardware. Have the drive hooked up by USB to a proxmox server and am plotting/farming from an Ubuntu VM on it.

Last week I had a failed plot or two and have these phantom files I cannot remove from my plotting temp directory

Any suggestions on what these are and/or how to fix (remove) them? I have my finished plots in another directory on this same drive. Should I back them up/move them off the drive?

Advice appreciated.

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Uh oh. Have you tried doing a scan / repair on the drive? I don’t know the commands for Linux, which it looks like you’re using…

If it’s extN then generally just fsck or for XFS, xfs_repair.

For sure check the cabling is solid.

My advice is if it’s < 5% of plots failing probably just leave it.

Or if it’s bothersome or more - consider putting that disk online via eSAS and a small sled, or stick it in the box if you have space. Actually, some of those external disks are actually 2x inside but not sure about that model…

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. It was actually an ntfs partition, so I ended up not able to repair it properly from Ubuntu. I ultimately copied the plots to another drive, wiped the original and repartitioned it as ext4.