Drjones~Redemption~chia farming Secrets revealed

Sorry for the long delay…

here is a full video of me setting up harvester replication sharing a plot drive.

So lets talk about it

You can see in the start of the video my numbers…
And in the end the result.

I didn’t plot to achieve this double up in plots

The point is I can repeat this over and over say 30x.

Logs say all is legal

Highest I’ve gotten was 3 pb

I intended to go to the moon with it.

Ps I know this wont work for pools but I’m thinking solo farming may be viable.

Cli confirms as the gui shows my net space as correct



Plot id will stop multiple wins solo on same block!
So big numbers , but no big chia im afraid.

If its not so i very much doubt the pools would have banned you, why would they if you earnt them more revenue.

This is what we told you all that time ago.
Youre just fooling the gui / cli , and not cheating the chain.


This should still not be possible. Weather it works or not.
And u unfortunately just can’t know.
There’s no documentation on this even remotely being a thing.
So without testing yourself and examining the logs ur feelings on the matter just don’t matter.

I’m deploying for solo. And when I’m back up to max. I’ll provide more details. I’ll show any part

Please tell me where to look. Please prove me wrong.
The video is quite clear.

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You did test, you couldnt prove you won at an quicker rate.
Seriously, come back with proof of quicker wins.

Been here, done that, got the t shirt.


I agree with part of what you say, the GUI/CLI should yell at you and say what you are doing is worthless. But I also agree with @Bones , you are just fooling the local software. And honestly, it will be easy to prove. Go ahead and load your system up with half of your space occupied by duplicates. Let it run for 6 months and see how much you win. The numbers will lay this all to rest. Until you put some real time behind farming it, there is really no discussion to be had. I don’t think anyone else is going to waste resources on it.


That’s the plan :sweat_smile:
And I’m telling u. It affects the total net space….

Give me any commands to dispove what I say.

Because the logs, cli, gui all confirm there is no problem.

So where am I supposed to look for breakage?
I just don’t like when people make gross assumptions.

I didn’t state it as fact.

I’m actively trying to disprove it myself
Cause there’s no way this is really doing what it says it’s doing

I didn’t test this solo farming.

I’ll update with pics at the start of experiment.


There is no command to run to look. The only real way to prove/disprove what you are saying is to let it run and total up the wins. If you end up with more than you should, then there is a discussion.

The video is quite … uh … not there. It says that it is still processing. So you are on your own there.


I don’t care

You’re trying to tell me one lottery ticket can win multiple times on one draw when it doesn’t

“But the net space, but the software”, yeah cool good for you, the blockchain doesn’t care, your 30x lottery tickets are still effectively 1


Well, I thought that was pretty cool in any case. Even if it doesn’t crack the Chia code it did prove something. The crew is right though, testing results with time would be interesting but someone with a big farm would have to volunteer to clone it - too much risk (blockchains have proven over and over that coins can be clawed back if the devs decide to fork).

I think I tried a similar experiment some time ago. I had my main computer farming local plots and additional plots on a NAS. I then added a laptop into the equation as a remote harvester. This also pointed itself to the NAS. The Chia GUI seemed to think there were more plots in the farm and did not report any duplicate plots as the additional plots were from the remote harvester.
However, that’s where the good news stops because the rate I was winning blocks or receiving rewards from SpacePool was the same as before.
I don’t think this situation is like having two tickets with the same number in the raffle and expecting your chances of winning to be doubled.
If this was the case, everybody would be doing it and the whole thing would have collapsed long ago.


It’s like a dozen people sharing the same winning lottery number each thinking they will be paid out the full jackpot. We’ve been telling him this since day one. No proof of anything other than him fooling himself.


That does appear to be a ‘bug’ of sorts. Whatever any remote harvesters sees as its plots should be compared on main node and what it sees as plots, and indicate duplicates are being farmed, not that it matters to winning, but it is an erroneous dashboard reading.


When I get a chance I shall set it up again and see if it still the case. The Chia version has moved on since I first tried it.

It’s not the lottery m. It’s simple fractions. And I’m increasing the piece of pie I’m showing to the network duplicates or not…

It’s not like chia is creating the plot and looking for its pair. It asks a question. And the most fit plot wins.

So if I can increase my numbers even with same plots… my amount of net space is still valid.

It’s still very much an issue.

Bottom line weather it increases my chance to win or not.

It shouldn’t be possible

And at the very least makes the whole network look bad.

I mean my cli literally tells me I have pb’s on the network…

Bruh no you’re not, you’re duplicating your lottery tickets, but you’re not making new ones, therefore your duplicate tickets are worthless.

To be more specific, you’re reading the same plot via numerous harvesters, so even if you have 1 plot and a million harvesters making your 1 plot look like 1 million, this doesn’t increase your odds of winning.

You have 1 million of the same plot, you have 1 million of the same lottery ticket and if the numbers don’t match, you’ve only fooled yourself.

Like I said, good for you, but the blockchain absolutely doesn’t care.

“Simple fractions” bro you can’t even follow simple logic

To put it even more simply if I could, if I read my wallet a million times, or if a million people read my wallet, that doesn’t increase the amount of money I have in my wallet.


Your local client is being fooled and that is it. Period.

Hook your “Doctored” rig up to a pool and let us all see what netspace it reports. That is literally all that matters.

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Ok fine that’s ur opinion and ur entitled to it before I have conclusive results

Shouldn’t be happening

Pools ban within hours.
I talked to max io creator and he was cool with…
Than went under literally the next day

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Can anyone give some Linux script to prove or disprove wats happening other than testing myself