DrPlotter claims 24.2 GiB plots

Any chance of further optimizing the existing recompute server for the current compressions?

Right now I use 2 Cmp 90hx gpus and of all things a Quadro M4000. Just as a test they all work alone and together even though there is a vast difference between the CMP 90hx and the M4000. Strangely, I could not find drivers for the CMP 90hx so I used the driver for Rtx 3070 ti and it Identified correctly and works fine. I had assumed that you could just use the driver for 1080 ti for those p102-101 gpus although I have not ordered one to play with yet, I was going to. Have you tried to use the 1080 ti driver? I’m in Win10.

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1080Ti driver not working. After tried over 10 driver version I randomly downloaded, it still not working. Thanks for the information. Maybe my GPU is bad. It was dirt cheap.

If its too cheap, the board has holes in it to let out all that magic smoke…

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You are right about that. One thing that I do k now is that if you let the smoke out of your computer it will never work again. So I think you are right. The smoke must be what makes electronics work because once it leaks out there seems to be no way to make it work again.

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I think the most important thing about this new farmer is that it offers a potential “good” excuse to buy a 4090…

…alternatively, it significantly diminished the efforts of those typically smaller farmers who can not or do not want to spend on a pricey GPU, and those who remain in other pools or self pool when plotting using any of the other available technologies.

…further it significantly tips the balance to PoW over the relatively pure PoS Chia started with. This will have cascading effects long term for the blockchain.

…of course, it is not the 1st to do this, nor will it likely be the last, like it or not, it happens.


Can’t we just put two 2045’s in the box :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Not at £1600 for a new one, the cheapest second hand one on eBay sold for £1300 in December, even second hand 3090’s are about £600 upwards, although a few have sold just under that recently.

My birthday was Jan 29th, did you forget to send me my 4090???

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There you go talk with that funny money, next you’ll be telling me you got a sandwich for 10 quid… :upside_down_face: :money_mouth_face:

Could be worse, we could be using inches still for measurements, so last century :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

10 quid for a sandwich, don’t be silly I’m too tight to pay that much!

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Yes maybe a second hand one, but I would want one with a waterblock on it though.
second hand + custom waterblock is going to be almost the same as new with factory block on it.

If I sell off about 20 of my current 12TB drives, and keep only the remaining 12 16-18TB ones + 4090
I will have about 15% more effective space online, but at 170W extra power draw. At the current chia price, that would be 0 difference in netto return per month.

Downside is being more vulnerable to price drops, as OpEx is higher.

Upside is that if I sell all my farming gear and desktop stuff, I can build a fat ass new desktop that can double up as a farmer.

I’d run the farmer in linux VM, windows on the desktop main. My desktop exists only for aesthetic purposes anyway. Most games I play require dosbox to run so :innocent:

Main issue is selling 19 x 12TB used drives for about 100 euro a piece…
Second issue is (re)plotting.

How firm is that minimum pcie 4.0x16 requirement for the plotter?
How big would the hit be plotting on a 3090 on 3.0x16?
Also, if I have 256GB ram + 2x 3090, would I be able to run two instances of the plotter simultaneously?

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Had to look it up,ok 6 quid…

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Also, when the filter will go down to 256 that 4090 will only handle 200 TB HD space (for pro4x). As possibly Chia has not yet chimed about it, there is a possibility of a faster transition to 128 filter that would bring that 4090 to 100 TB only, …

Also, in case one decides to change from pro4x to eco3x plotting times will be ~3x slower that using 3060 ti, and plotting will require a plotting dedicated card.

Also, when the filter will go down to 256 that 4090 will only handle 200 TB HD space (for pro4x). As possibly Chia has not yet chimed about it, there is a possibility of a faster transition to 128 filter that would bring that 4090 to 100 TB only, …

Yes that’s why I would need to sell 60% of the drives, otherwise you’d need 2x4090 and a board with 2x 4.0x16. The requirement to have full bandwidth slots and 24GB cards kinda limits the scalability of this compression method. Or at least makes it more expensive.
Don’t think community will be pushing that filter deadline up again because of this. Most GPU farmers not looking forward to 128 filter I think.

So I would be targeting the 200 TiB range of prox4, which works out better due to the better power efficiency of the 4090.

For plotting I was thinking with going with 2x 3090 on a 256GB system, but the one I have here is pci 3.0. So hope that will be ok to plot with, boards with 2x 4.0x16 are more expensive for sure and harder to come by. Good thing about plotters is that you can sell them again quickly, so the actual cost is minimal to zero for that. (as long as you don’t time it around the launch of a new GPU generation :sweat_smile:)

In any case I will be waiting till after the halving to see what the price does before increasing my OpEx :grin:

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When I run the drchia start harvester -r command I get 6 errors and then a KeyError: ‘farmer_peer’

Any ideas?

What is the answer regarding farming on PCIE 3.0 using DrPlotter? I understand plotting on PCIE 4.0 but definitely want to understand more about the farming aspect.

I really want to know what this statement on github means:

“Instead, a minimal portion of user resources is allocated to support my own plots and farm.”

On my PCIe 3.0 machine the plotting takes 10m38sec for pro4x.

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