DrPlotter claims 24.2 GiB plots

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To come back to posting #75.
I would like to understand the whole principle to be able to assess how this relates to GPU performance.

  • For example, I have 1000 x C7 plots.
  • The header of the plot file must contain something like 6x0 for the plot to be used at all.
  • I think: Then the GPU comes into play and has to finish the plot completely(?). Or only the partial proof ?

I have understood this so far:
Based on the challenge ID and (I think) the difficulty, there is an area in the plot to be read out. Since the plot is not complete, it must first be finalized.

IF this is correct up to this point = can your software not only generate the area that is to be transmitted? This should make considerably more plots possible. The GPU only has a small part to do.

And if I take this train of thought further: Don’t I then only need a minimal “base plot”?
In other words, just the file with a few KB of header data.

BUT: I’m sure you’ve already thought of this yourself and it doesn’t work like this. Otherwise you would probably have already implemented it.

Thanks for a “clarification” :wink:

There’s a good post on this from Chia here:


I have a HP Z440 with 256GB RAM and a 3060 and a HP Z4 G4 with 512GB. Both only have PCIE3. The Z440 is doing great with an HBA Card connected to a NetApp 4346 with mixed SAS/SATA HDDs. Disk space is about 500TB, using C14 NoSSD. Energy costs is no problem, not at all. So if I buy a 4090 and install it in the Z440 - would it be able to plot and, after finshing that, be able to mine ? I really would like to jump on that train with Eco3x plots.
Has anyone tried in a PCI3 system ?

Greetings from Germany,

Thanks @drnick

The articles states:
“After Phase 1 parcelization, a parcel is technically farmable, but not represented in the smallest possible form.”

How big is phase 1 then?
If I use the MadMaxx plotter = does that mean table 1?

Someone did 9 days up in this thread

Are you sure it will fit?

It is not inside the case.



9 days?
I remember someone saying it was about 10 minutes on pcie 3.0

Well, Badger said, it was 9 days ago and it took 10 Minutes to plot. But I still don’t know about farming. And I think it wasn’t a 4090 that was used.

Maybe nobody can say if it works - I just have to try.


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Farming will be ok, only plotting depends on PCIe speed.

Didn’t see that coming :slight_smile:

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Sometime later …




Hi there,
I replaced the 3060 to a Geforce RTX 3090 Turbo 24G. DrPlotter did his job on Ubuntu and created two plots, the final names start with "tmpdrplot-eco3x-2024-02-19-20… " - did I do something wrong ?

Creation time on PCI3 system Z440 512GB was 12 Minutes.

BTW , no cat-pet was harmed :wink:


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Wait did someone says even closer to POW? Oh, what about Chia marketing? Too bad they don’t control and cannot control innovation. Bram, can we have a comment? The visionary didn’t see this coming?

The mainstream still doesn’t know that compression exists, CNI controls the media well :wink:

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Haha! I believe the media will champion anything that claims to be green, regardless of merit.

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I was messing around with windows 10 and noticed that if you pick the option to choose drivers on an Nvidia card then show all drivers that it will let you pick any driver that Nvidia ever released including all the mining cards, worth a try.

Did you remember the trailing slash for the path in -d ?
Only guessing, I’ve never had a 24GB card to try it

Oh yes you should be right, will check that as soon as possible.

I would like to build a PC with a 4090 and a 3090. This should be able to farm and plot with DrPlotter at the same time, right ?
Maybe sth like this ? ASUS ROG STRIX Z790-A GAMING WIFI D4 ? PSU with 1200W like this “be quiet! Straight Power 12 Platinum 1200W ATX3.0”
Any recommendations ? Help would really be appreciated.


Hey ChiaOlli!

As for the “be quiet” power supply - I recommend it.
I have one (“Straight Power 12”, only with a power of 1000W) - it can handle 22 energy-saving WD HDDs in the farm (with 1050 Ti card and 13x 140/120 mm fans).
I also have the “Dark Power Pro 12” 1500 W model in my gaming machine.

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