DS4246 caddie screws

What kind of screws do I use to secure the drives to the caddies?

Regardless of the brand - the thread size in a standard 3.5" drive is #6-32. The screw head type is either “countesunk” or “pan” - you can figure which one you need just by looking at the screw holes in the tray itself. The length is pretty obvious as well - I usually buy 5/16" or 11/32".
Amazon.com: uxcell Computer PC Case 3.5" HDD 6#-32 Flat Phillips Head Hard Drive Screw Black 200pcs : Electronics


thanks for the link that looks exactly what I need

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I just bought another Supermicro screw kit and that’s what I use in mine. You can find them on Amazon. Just search something like “Supermicro HDD screw kit”.