Ds4246 installation and Config

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I have ordered used storage DS4246, I need to config but I need support.

this storage can be configured with GUI or only by commands?

In some forum I have reading that should be used Config Advisor but I cant download from website of Netapp

Does it have any one this tool Config Advisor that I can use for configuration and which configuration is the best for CHIA plots.
I have 24 pcs HDD 16TB full filled with plots that i want to use on this storage, connection with windows server.


look into this to help

DS4243, DS2246, DS4486, and DS4246 Installation and Service Guide (netapp.com)

210-06653+A0_AltaVault_web (netapp.com)

DS4243, DS2246, DS4486, and DS4246 SAS and ACP Cabling Guide (netapp.com)

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thank you for your feedback.

I have found these materials but here is suggested to use Config Advisor that I can’t download from netapp because should I have an account as costumer of products that I can downloads tools.

any other recommendation


The DS4246 is just a “stupid” disk enclosure, no configuration needed just connect your hba and you are good to go.

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I want to reset this stupid storage because it was used storage and when I connect to server I see some name of old drivers in device manager although in the storage do not have any HDD


Can you post a screenshot pls?

I made a login account with NetApp, took 24 hrs to finish and once logged in could not find config advisor without having to pay to access other pages. I tried to look but they seem to have their stuff locked down, not helpful.

There is no need to configure anything on a DS4246, insert your disks, connect the SAS cable to your HBA. Rescan in Disk Administrator and use your disks.

Dear team

Thank you very much for all your feedbacks

Yes I have add all the drives on DS4246 and I have connect to the server through HBA and is working fine

but I have a question when I try to open disk management is stuck and canot open its normal?


Question, How many disks did you install in the DS4246? How about trying to have just 4 disks and see what happens, and add more later when it see the 4 disks.

Also you may want to look into mounting these drives into a folder
c:\DS4246\dsk1 thru c:\DS4246\dsk24 etc.

From the cook-book folder
How to mount hard drive as folder on Windows 10 | Windows Central

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The more HDDs you have, the slower it is going to work. You would have to wait several minutes to let disk utility initialize. Has nothing to do with the jbod you are using.

When your farm approaches ~100 HDDs, it is going to become unmanageable under Windows (consumer editions), so you’d have to migrate to a Linux or Windows Server to continue scaling.

I just checked on my system with 2 of these shelves (fully equipped), opening Disk Administrator takes 1min 15 secs

Thanks for all your feedback


Im Using Windows Server Std 2022 and PowerEdge R720xd

I just checked on my system with 1 of these shelves (fully equipped), opening Disk Administrator takes about 5min


How many disks might you think Windows 10 Enterprise will support?

I have 56 disks in my system(including SSDs for plotting and OS) running Win 10


So I’m way good to keep adding for a long while…

Thanks for all your feedbacks and your time

In my system i have 108 pcs HDD 16TB , I don’t have plan to change OS because it taking some times and I don’t want to have down time.

although I have to wait 5 min to open disk management its not a problem because i don’t need to use all the time

Which HBA adapter you are using please let me know