Dual Xeon Gold 6148 vs Dual Epyc 7282

I’m interested in building a bladebit system. I am having a hard time deciding which processors to get. Both systems will be running 512 gb of ram, 2666 for the intel, 3200 for the amd. The intel system will be 40 cores and the amd will be 32. Can anyone chime in on which processors would be best?

Most probably the Epyc ones. But for the price of one bladebit systems, you could have MANY madmax plotters with 16 cores and 128Gb DDR4 tho… Food for thought

Get a Threadripper Pro.

Bladebit is sensitive to overall memory throughput. Number of threads, clock speed per thread, memory clock speed.

Xeon processors are known to turbo only on a limited number of cores, when you use only some of the threads. But if you load them all, they are going to reduce to the base frequency.

Xeon 6148 is 40 threads x 2.4 GHz, so let’s call it a 96 “units of compute”. Epyc 7282 is 32 threads at 2.8 Ghz base frequency: 89.6 “units”.

L3 cache: 27.5MB in Xeon VS 64MB in Epyc. If to compare just the CPUs, Epyc looks better.

If you are willing to pay astronomical price for 512GB DDR4 3200 registered memory, then Epyc is gonna be much better.

I can tell you based on my hardware:
MadMax (108GB ramdisk):
Single Xeon 6238T + 2933 RAM at 20 threads plotting
Ryzen 5900x + 3600 RAM at 12 threads plotting
Both systems produce ~20.5 minute plot times
Dual Xeon 2683v4 + 2400 RAM ~9 min plot time


Also worth considering:

Intel Xeon Gold 6148 - PCI Express Revision: 3.0 / Max # of PCI Express Lanes: 48
AMD EPYC 7282 - PCI Express Version: PCIe 4.0 / Max # of PCI Express Lanes: 128

Depending on what you want to install in the long term, you might want PCIe 4.0 instead so you can get really fast IO on NVMe storage or support more than a few GPUs.

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