Duplicated Pool - Different pool contract address

Hi All!

Since the pool implementation i noticed that for the same pool (https://na1.pool.space) i have 2 different pool contract address. Due to the implementation of Fee in the pool, i tried to move every plot to one contract address but i didnt find possible. Do you know how can i do that?


It’s not possible to change plots to a different NFT, they where created with that key and will always belong to it.
So you will always have at least two from now on.

But pool fee is a percentage of total, so that should not matter. Also some pools have option to join two different contract addresses together in one account by assigning them the same reward address that you can then use in the pool interface

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I thought that the idea of NFT is that i can join in whichever pool i want without any problem. Does it means that this is not possible and i can only join Space Pool or Solo?

I will check if space pool can do what you mentioned.


I have the same situation two NFT for spacepool. Please tell us if you can find a solution.

You are right that you can switch an NFT to any pool you want. This will point all plots made with that pool_contract_address to the pool you choose.

However you cannot change the NFT a plot belongs to.

So you can either use both sets of plots on the same pool, or each on a different pool of your choice.

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