Dust storm is over. Be quick!

Now that the dust storm is over, be quick if you want to change your NFT state. I tried so, and Was successful in minutes. Yesterday it took ages!
You can easily change your nft state to solo or another pool. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You lost your chance. Dust storm is back again.

Space pool could pay all unpaid xchs when dust storm was absent. Now again space pool will pay when unpaid reaches 0.05 xch.

Is there any genious idea to avoid dust storm sh*t ?

Is the .5 a new thing?
I got regular daily payouts throughout the storm, 2 came a tad late but well before .5

If want zero tx fees, often you have to wait, because there are lots of other transactions also trying to get processed for free. It costs half a penny to get in the next block - you don’t have to ‘be quick’ - you just have to decide your time is worth more than a fraction of a cent :slight_smile:


change comission 100 000 mojo for fast transactions

Yes, I think, there us : )

We still pay the fees for our farmers, so you can withdraw as much as like, whenever you want, and see it in your wallet in a matter of seconds/minutes.