Each Plot can have its own pool?

Am I seeing this correctly? Each plot can be assigned to its own pool? Or am I reading this incorrectly?

If you want to yes, but then you have to create a new NFT for each new plot…no idea why anyone would want to do this

I created a single plot for a few different pools. Some to lock in their rewards for early adopters in case I want to swing to them full time. But really so I can compare their tools for monitoring pool and farmer.

It was also my understanding that if you change pools you do not need to RE-plot? Is this not true either?

Yes, a poolable plot which is linked to an NFT you’ve created, can be reassigned to a different pool. As the NFT itself, with its attached plots, can be reassigned. Only your old plots, the so called OG plots, plotted without a -c pool contract key, cannot be assigned to an nft, as they have no pool contract key, which is linked to an NFT, so they cannot be pooled.

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Okay, So I think I did mis-understand part of it.

Is that image correct?

And if this is correct, You do not NEED multiple of these unless you’re doing some custom setup? Correct?

Yes, you don’t need multiple if you don’t want to divide your capacity. In you’re setup your plotting to two NFTs and the plot of each cannot be interchanged (like copy the plot of the other over to the other NFT).

If you have many NFT you’ll have to keep track of which plot is for which NFT. You’ll need to create folders like PlotsForBronzeCrab and PlotsForGoldHedgehod so it’s easier to distinguish under which NFT the plot was created.

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