EasyPlots Plotting Service 0.39$ / plot

Hey Guys!

I am offering plots for 0.39$ a plot. I can create anywhere from 80 to 300 a day depending on the need. For big orders this number can be scaled up as well. The plots are created using the latest version of the mad max plotter and are made available through FTP. You can download up to 3 plots to check if you are satisfied and I accept crypto, paypal and bank transfer as payment.

If you have any more questions feel free to email me at easyplots@icloud.com


Good luck, but there’s other services for .25c a plot.

Which ones? PM me thanks

Search the forum, I’ve seen them, but I won’t do the leg work for you.
Best of luck.

Hmm I believe the price is very fair. If you buy in bulk we can negotiate :wink:

Emailed you just FYI

I am just getting back to you. 1 sec

If i was a skeptic I’d assume a new member so recently registered was a sock puppet.

I hope thats not the case!

Hi Bones.

Dont worry I got a good track record of delivering on my promises and anyone that has worked with me knows that I am keen on delivering the best possible service.

I have bought from this guy. He’s legit. Accepts PayPal and loads them up on an server for you to download them quickly. He’s the real deal.