(Ebay Auction) Selling 174TB of HDDs and 3 external drive enclosures (UK only)


I’ve listed an ebay auction for my farming drives. I’m only willing to sell inside the UK. I feel like it’s a bargain at the starting price but I just want a quick sale as I’m clearing out my home office as starting a new remote job next week. Also, I’m just impatient. :slight_smile:

See the auction to buy:


Hard Drives (174 TB)

1 x 16TB Western Digital White (WD160EMFZ)
2 x 14TB Western Digital White (WD140EDFZ)
7 x 12TB Western Digital White (WD120EDAZ)
2 x 10TB Western Digital White (WD100EDAZ)
1 x 10TB Western Digital White (WD101EMAZ)
2 x 8TB Western Digital White (WD80EDAZ)

USB Caddies & Hub

1 x Orico 5 bay USB 3 Ext HDD Enclosure, supports 5 x 16TB drives (front loaded)
2 x Orico 5 bay USB 3 Ext HDD Enclosure, supports 5 x 16TB drives (top loaded)
1 x Sabrent 10-Port 60W powered hub


Any chance you could run some software to show drive health and post screenshots?
I use crystal disk for this.

I’ve shared the screenshots here:


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That’s great, thanks for that.

@Bones Just FYI crystal mark couldn’t run a SMART check through the 5 bay enclosures (which seems to be fairly standard with multi drive external USB enclosures?) so I did all these in a separate single bay enclosure I had.

I’m not sure about those strange temperature sensor readings and I’d expect the celcius temperatures to at the top to be the correct ones otherwise the drives would have melted. The drive types with a model ending in FZ show more reasonable temperatures so maybe it’s just these other drives sensors not being read correctly? I’d be interested to know if you found out why though.

I did some digging, each drive reads differently, you often need to look at each HDD info sheet to correctly identify what that number means.

Oddly I have the orico ( not top leader) and it reads fine with crystal disk.

Yours show no read / write errors so they look fine to me.


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Well gratz to the winner.
I certainly pushed the price up for you.

Thought I’d missed a bargain, but overall price too much for me, although good price at £11.80 per TB, would of been substantially better off selling separately.

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It was kind of a steal considering that was probably apx £450 in caddys.

Yes, a bargain indeed.

I feel , even though it wasn’t the reason expressed, the seller panic sold due to price and current crypto climate.

I’ve had my fun (and profit) with Chia and happy somebody got a bargain. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me any more and it’s nice having a quiet office again without those caddies running 24/7.

Also, more ‘panic’ bargains to be had!


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