Endless flushing stupidity


When plot is done chia does not check disk space and flush the file to the target destination anyway. What is even more stupid is that chia keeps doing it over and over. Just a natural disk killer.

Fix it already. Thanks.

Switch to MM. (20 a)

it is MM (less then 20)

Post that screenshot on Max’s github Issues page - Issues · madMAx43v3r/chia-plotter · GitHub

Although, about a year ago, I had an exchange with him about checking the free space before starting a new plot on that page, and at that time the answer was that he was using non-native libs / no OS branching code, and there is no obvious way to check for free space. I provided a code branching space check for Win, but it was ignored. So, maybe this is the same problem (still, after the first failure, it should either wait for an input or barf). I had different output, but maybe for me it was crashing in a different place.

Yeah, that is the reason that I would really like to see plotters that target drives, not individual plots. Although, this is kind of mixing of plotters with plot managers.

Although, I think that the relationship between Max and Chia kind of got sour, so maybe regardless what it is, it will not be fixed.

I see, well thanks. I better keep my eye on free space on my own.

Look on the bright side… it’s just waiting for you to free up space…so no plot goes to waste :slight_smile: Beside, with a full disk, no sense continuing.

There is really no reason not to check for disk space, and prompt the user to do something. Code branching for different platforms is a standard thing to do. The worst thing is you do it for the platform you know, and just hope that someone else with the expertise in the other platform will help with the other branch. (That is what I did, provided code for Win branch, leaving Linux for him to work on.)

My madmax includes “Retrying in 5 minutes”, when it does not have enough space on the target drive.

It is version: 1.1.6-2092041
It was included with the installation of Chia version 1.3.3

Why does the output from @ivan_dulin not include the retrying message?
Different version?

The madmax directory contains two executables (chia_plot.exe and chia_plot_k34.exe).
I run the latter.

But the versions are the same.

Perhaps @ivan_dulin is running the former? And even though the same version, the code differs as it relates to write issues?

actually i have no idea :slight_smile: and i don’t see any options to check. this is chia_plot_k34.exe

From the madmax directory, run:
chia_plot.exe --version (that’s with two dashes).
chia_plot_k34 --version

The above is Windows.
For Linux, there will be no “.exe”, and you probably will have to include “./”
./chia_plot --version
./chia_plot_k34 --version

Which executable have you been using?
Are you using it via the command line or via the GUI?

yeap the same as yours: 1.1.6-2092041

I get the 5 minute warning on chia_plot.exe (or did when I was plotting a few days ago and filled up some disks premturely).

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This is the behavior I want. Many farmers have a temporary space for new plots to be held until they can be moved to a final location: and that temp space may be filled on a regular basis. I want my plotting software to keep trying to copy new plots until there is room.

Given how long it can take to copy plots… a check at the beginning of a copy doesn’t mean that disk won’t be filled before the copy can finish. And a destination that may look like it can only hold 90% of a new plot may actually have plenty of freed space by the time the copy is done. There’s little benefit in making things more complicated: just keep trying…