Error 1. Retrying in five minutes

Hi there… so this happens when I unplugged my nvme for a minute

any way to resume it? I don’t understand why it doesn’t continue when the file exists…

Also, I observed that switch from phase 1 to 2 (which is around 31% in Gui) takes a lot of time, any explanation why it is like that or how to speed it up? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hmm. That should work. The retry message appears when there’s a problem with the target disk, like it got disconnected, but it should resume in my experience when you fix the issue, if you are seeing “retrying in five minutes”…

(I’ve seen it with full disk as well, delete or move some files to make room, and then it resumes.)

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It happens to me with my 500gb ssd m2 disk, I do not understand what the problem may be and I see that the entire disk occupies me, it warns me every so often that I have little space

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I would think resumption depends on whether your system considers your device ‘a removeable disk’ or not. What connection is it? Does it acknowledge the removable?

Disk ran out of space!
I mistakenly gave a wrong path for the 2nd temporary path. The plotter created that path and then started putting the files in there until it couldnt do that anymore and I started seeing Error 1.
Took me a little bit of searching to find out I passed the wrong directory.
Lesson learnt, never put on a plotting job when heavily sleepy! :smiley: