[Error 13] Permission denied

I need help. When I start Nod, I get the following error message.

[Error 13] Permission denied. You are trying to access a file/directory without having the necessary permissions. Most likely one of the plot folders in your config.yaml has an issue.

Also, I can’t connect existing plots from the harvester HDD to the node
because it sees the directory as empty. I tried two HDDs but the same result.
I use Windows.
Sorry for the bad English, I use Google Translate.

Thank you for your help!

Hi, welcome to the forums!

Open your yaml.config file at C:\users\user.chia\mainnet\config and look at the directories you have set for the plots. The chia client cannot access one of those directories due to permissions. Remove that bad directory and it should start up.


Thanks for the help so I was able to connect the plots. :slight_smile: