ERROR got weight proof request for unknown peak.... PLEASE HELP

still dealing with days to perform initial sync. I’m now seeing this error in my bug log

ERROR   got weight proof request for unknown peak "

has anyone encountered this before or know what it means?
i searched through open source google material but couldn’t find anyone saying anything other then update to 1.1.6 as i already have. some people have been connecting it to a “double spend” error but i don’t seem to have any of those in my bug log

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I think that is something you can ignore. In my head, my translation of that is:

Someone is trying to confirm a peak with you that you don’t have yet. Another words, you are not synced yet, so your peak (the highest block) you have is not the latest. So, if someone that is synced (or further along in the block-chain than you are) calls out to you to get proof of a block that you don’t have yet, you would see that error.


Thank you! And more then anything thank you for teaching me something! I was just hoping this was the cause of my slow syncing but still happy to know it’s probably fine.

Is the count moving up? Getting closer to the number on the right?

Yup I’m now moving at closer to 6,000-8,000/315,000 down from 11,000 an hour but still moving!
Definitely faster then the farming pc was going so I’m just trying to be hopeful that it actually reaches the end and sync’s!

If you have another system that is synced, you can just copy the database over and avoid the wait altogether.

This is my strongest system and it will be the first one to reach a full sync. I am planning on copying over the directory to my lower level farming computer and using this computer to plot. I will remove uPnP as soon as I do so