ERROR Invalid proof of space / New challenge is not challenge


I am facing a problem with pooling. I joined Space.pool and created plots using the pool_contract_key and my farmer_public_key. The plots are visible in the plot NFT screen. In the debug. log is see every 10 seconds the message below. No partials are submitted. I created the plots with the original chia plotter via Swar Plot manager.

I asked at spacepool discord and followed all checklists, but still no solution :frowning:

Any idea what this error means and how to fix it?

2021-07-21T17:27:20.791 farmer chia.types.blockchain_format.proof_of_space: ERROR    New challenge is not challenge
2021-07-21T17:27:20.792 farmer chia.farmer.farmer         : ERROR    Invalid proof of space {'challenge': '0xab9423e6fb10ae947c07ddc7b006b56fcf5e34c3588f09a1161002265e8014bf',
 'plot_public_key': '0x82e02b29cb3b362d77cb097c89f3e634a7f30c3d49e06ecedeee6987c8e509ce020799901be96665b0bc1f60bbd75636',
 'pool_contract_puzzle_hash': '0x239572815896426de510579063771af6b794b9b79ffaedcd551a75f01ccdcacf',
 'pool_public_key': None,
 'proof': '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',
 'size': 32}

No one? Any suggestions are appreciated :cold_sweat:

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I had the same problem in Flax… I had a proof and I did not win the block because of that message. I assume it is equivalent to Chia and I’m afraid it might happen in Chia aswell.

We see this often too…I hate to say this as it’s not really a solution but the old chia farming client sucks. Usually a reset will fix it.

A reset? What do you mean by that? Thanks

Turn it off and on again.

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