Error logs failed to fetch block from host

I someone to tell me what my logs are saying and how to fix it… Or those errors are ok and i shouldt worry. Am sorry english

ERROR exception: failed to fetch block 239132 from {'host': ''. 'port': 8444} timed out

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These errors look like the peer you were trying to get a block from was having network issues. Do you have more than 10 peers in your peer list on the Full Node Tab in the Chia Client?

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That i didnt check but will do tom when i wake up… 2am thanks for.replying

Is this correct?

Yep, looks like everything is working fine on the networking side.

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Soo im good and just have to wait for em blocks

Looks OK … in the future please try to paste logs in and format it as code using the forum toolbar, because Google can’t index text from images, thus this post cannot help other people in the future… I have edited the post so other people can type this question into Google and find the answer here.

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Thanks for the info. I will do that next time

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