Error or bug in farmr

After chia 1.3.0 update farmr gives an error as “ there is no such pool reward address” and than windows gui crashes. So I can not use farmr. Anybody with this error? May be there is a simple solution for that. When I press “2” in farmr cli , I would get many local addresses (about4-8) before this bug. Now I get only one local address. I mentioned this in github and also send message to gil but did not get any respond.

I’m on 1.3.2 and no issues. That is except the normal ones… like it does not show 2022 winner plots… does not typically show the number of connected drives. Things like that.

Maybe try upgrading to 1.3.2. Also perhaps re-enter the farmr code in the GUI.

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Thanks for your comment.
I opened the config.yaml and saw that xch_target_address is different from the gui receiving address in the wallet menu. So I edited the address and replaced it with the address in the gui. The bug was gone so far I will observe if It reappears.

I checked config.yaml and saw that xch_target_address was different from wallet receive address (in two different lines). I copied the receive address from windows gui wallet menu and replaced the two addresses in the config file. Did I do the right thing?

In my config.yaml on the farmer both farmer and pool xch_target_address are the same. But the Receive address in the GUI is different from the config.yaml’s

Also what happens when you hit the new-address button?

With the way its setup right now I won two blocks at 12:33am today go figure. Somebody will chime in.