Error regarding wallet

Dear friends,
Does anybody know about this error that I get every 10 minutes in my info log?
Ever heard or experienced it?
Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Google search for Wallet 9 errors returned very little but I did find this reference and possible answer:

emlowe commented on Jul 12

This is not a bug - the pooling wallet does not support multiple receive addresses.

Does your NFT pooling wallet have multiple receive addresses?

I have never had to use these commands, but try, chia wallet get_address and chia wallet show for a start.

Do you have multiple NFTs and NFT wallets?

Are you in multiple pools?

Good luck and be well! :smiley:

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It seems as if that is the only message I get now with 1.2.11.

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Thank you for respond.
Iā€™m self pooling and never been on another pool or use several pool addresses. I began since Nov7th. Before that there was no such error

Did you run chia wallet get_address and chia wallet show?

No I did not get that message

I believe you revealed a private key in above post. Please remove or edit quickly.

Thank you
I removed the post.

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Is that number reveals my private wallet address? Can anybody use that number to get my 24 private words to access my wallet? What should I do? Please help