Estimate time to win

Hi everyone,

Is there anybody who is having problems with “estimated time to win” at GUI. I have already made 3070 plots and estimate time to win information "a month " has not changed and remained like this for 1 month time. According to with 3070 plots, estimated time to win is 27 days. Any suggestions what is the problem ?

I dont see a problem.
Look at reported netspace on gui.
Look at reported netspace on calc site, I’d bet they differ slightly .

A simple thing would be to check the source code, how they round their numbers to get that “a month” value. I bet, they do calculation on months basis, not days, as such anything higher than 15 days and lower than a month and 15 days will show as ‘a month’

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I have been making plots since end of May, I wish I could get a least one coin by now!!

The key is not so much about how long a person has been plotting.
Rather, it is how many plots they have.

The GUI does some rounding on its estimate.

I suggest that you run:
chia farm summary
from the command line. It will break down your estimated time by months + weeks, or by weeks + days, etc.

My GUI output estimate and my command line output estimate rarely agree – but they are close.

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