EU-based plotting service

Dear community,

we are currently in the assembly stage of a real monster for plotting. We expect to achieve a minimum of 8TB / day at the very least, but most likely it will fall into the category of 11 - 15TB / day.

With this much power, we will fill our own storage within two weeks, give or take.

I want to ask, if there is an interest in an EU-based plotting service for a reasonable price (something between 15 and 20€ / TB depending on the amount ordered).

We would offer to mail you the requested amount on either a harddrive of yours (you mail it to us first), or you can buy the requested amount + a harddrive provided by us + shipping.

If there is interest, we’d take preorders in a week. The preferred payment would be wire-transfer as it is the safest - both for you and us. The transaction delay is not really relevant, since it will take us 1 - 2 days (depending on amount) anyway to fill up your drive.

Cheers and a good day!

tbh that TBs per day ain’t that much :smiley: plus wouldn’t you need to share private keys between you and customers?

no, you wouldn’t. just the pool pk and farmers pk.

Well, it is good enough to fill 16TB at least in two days, so it would be enough for a couple of orders per week I’d think.

Ofc, it is not datacenter levels, but thats not my goal and I doubt you’d find the customers for that.

Im sure you will find your customers (demand must be great), but the price is pretty steep. It puts you in a ballpark of using cloud computing to generate and download plots. It might be slightly faster with Mail in, but not by much I would guess. Still, wish you luck!

PLEASE stop spreading mis-information!! THIS IS FALSE. PaaS is legit, and all we need is your public farmer and pool key.


What country are you from?

I am from Austria, good shipping costs within EU.

Nice, I’m from Austria too. Unfortunately, I don’t need this service atm.

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Nice to meet a fellow Austrian here :slight_smile: . If you ever do, just text me, shipping should be a breeze. Happy plotting and good luck to you.

Hi, can I have couple of questions? :slight_smile:

  1. Is there a way to have a preorder for launch of pools?
  2. Can you create invoice?
  3. Where do you buy hardware? Or what do a hardware cost and warranties?
    Thx in advance