[EU/BE] 882TB HDD lot for € 8820 (€10/TB)

The below hard drives are all around 1 year old or less and have been kept in ideal conditions. €10/TB for the whole lot.

Possibility to buy the complete farm incorporated into 3 plotters with the below specs (DM me your offer) :

Plotter 1 & Plotter 2
Intel® Core i9-10850K, 3,6 GHz (5,2 GHz Turbo boost)
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cpu-cooler
Corsair 64 GB DDR4-3200, 2x32GB
2x Corsair Force Series MP600, 2 TB SSD
Adaptec ASR-71605 1GB Cache 16-Port 6Gbps Raid controller
Kingston A400, 240 GB SSD
Corsair HX750, 750 Watt Platinum
Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL Dark Tempered Glass big tower

Plotter 3
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Processor, 4Ghz AM4 36MB Cache Wraith Prism
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 cpu-cooler
Corsair 64 GB DDR4-3200, 2x32GB
Corsair Force Series MP600, 2 TB SSD
Adaptec ASR-71605 1GB Cache 16-Port 6Gbps Raid controller
Kingston A400, 240 GB SSD
Corsair HX750, 750 Watt Platinum
Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL Dark Tempered Glass big tower

Accepting payment in USDT as well.

10€ / TB is tempting… just not sure how to explain to my wife :slight_smile: and the tax office…

Haha. The wife can be an issue as 882TB would not go unnoticed :slight_smile: But by paying in crypto you might just avoid the tax office for now

Hello Dantecruz, are the 35 Exos 16Tb shucked disks or not ? Do youhave an invoice ? Are they warranty 5 years ? Thank you

Hello, yes shucked and used internally. Should have all invoices yes

External drives are cheaper for a reason. Does anyone question why Seagate would put these drives into an enclosure and sell for a cheaper price than the internal. I can only think of one reason.


Shucked drives often do not have the 5 years…


Is there anything left still from this sale ?

Yes whole batch has not been sold yet

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Are you willing to split the drives and can you ship to UK ?

Are these in Spain? For on hand deal…

Belgium I thought… although maybe they have sold aleady as my query wasn’t answered.

if they’re shucked I wouldn’t bother

a lot of people thought that they were clever, thinking that they had somehow beat the system and were getting their drives cheaper

the reality is that by doing so they completely destroyed any resale value they had

the only option left would be to sell them as “broken/for parts only” (and that is if any trader would be even willing to accept them)

have been kept in ideal conditions

you intentionally broke a consumer product, completely voided any remaining warranty and then ran them 24/7 for an extended period of time (something these disks were definitely not meant to be used for)

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I guess you didn’t see this video,
How To Shuck a WD My Book EASY & FAST (without Damage)! - YouTube

I have all my cases in the boxes the drive came in just in case :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Shingled drives. Fine-ish for what we’re doing, less fine for NAS or corporate use. Now that ROI is longer I think we’ve decided it’s a riskier proposition - drive could die before it’s paid off.

  • Looks like I take that back, Exos isn’t Baracuda. Still with the shorter warranties it’d give me pause.
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The length of the warranty is taking into account how such drive is being used. Two things that potentially are key factors to have shorter warranties are that: 1. those drives are potentially banged around a bit, 2. when in the enclosure the air flow is not that great, as such they are not meant to run 24/7 as they run rather hot. However, when you shuck them, and use as internal drives, both problems are most likely gone.

Sure, if such drive dies in the 3-5th year, that is a bummer. But most of us have them running for over a year already, and we don’t see too many of them failing. So, I would just run SMART short test on them and not worry too much.

Yes, there were a couple of guys reporting potentially massive failures. As those are rather isolated reports, I would think that those were user errors (bad PSUs, high temps, shaky location / enclosure (vibration)). Although, it could also be that they were just unlucky and got some crap batch. Still, the fact that they were failing at the same time rather indicates user error (IMO).

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Yeah, WD are easy to shuck. However, Seagate are crap, and I don’t think there is a way not to kill those latches.

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You do talk some utter nonsense don’t you, you sound more like a disgruntled dealer. Of course they were getting their drives cheaper, just with caveats, if shucked potentially no warranty (depends were they are located), if not then a shorter warranty, and that’s only relevant if the drive fails.

I’ve shucked plenty of drives, and when I’ve upgraded I’ve sold most of them at greater than £10 a TB, fully disclosing that they have been shucked, the hours they’ve done, and the maximum temperature they endured - I post screenshots, yet I still achieve a good price.

They still go back together OK, I sold a couple recently, and they clipped together nicely, I will agree they are a pain to get apart though.

Is the whole Farm still available?