[EU/BE] 882TB in hard drives for sale (€12/TB)

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Which country are you based in?

Belgium but shipping/ delivery can be discussed

what region in belgium?


Americans… LOL…

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Around Antwerp north of Belgium

How are all your drives connected?

All drives are connected by HBA cards and mounted internally into Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL cases

In reply for this funny sell i just to tell you: check prices for new HDD !!!
18TB with 5 years warranty is 259EUR in germany. So 12EUR for 1TB is very good deal : ) Price for your hdd are 4-5 eur for 1 TB.

Thank you for your valuable expert contribution.
To my best knowledge, 18TB Seagate HDDs are around €300 in Europe. Which is still €16.66/TB. I am always open for serious offers to buy the whole lot.
I would invite you to create your own post with links to these great prices for new HDDs and well maintained second hand hard drives for €4 to €5/TB.
I think it would be greatly appreciated by a lot of people.