[EU] Buying disks 10$ per TB

I would like to extend my farm with more drives. Buying larger drives (14tb+) in Europe (Poland) at 10$ (ideally in crypto) per TB.

used drives in Swiss costs 13 CHF/$ with 1-2 years warranty left. Large quantity new drives can be negotiated for 16 CHF/TB with >2500CHF/$

for 10$/TB you get questionable HDDs from datacentres, with no warranty left and possible imminent failure.

Or i get drives from another chia farmer that wants to get rid of their farm.

yep, there is right now rig on eBay 40x 18TB Toshiba MG09 for 14k €

It’s possible to get HDD that are that cheap, just keep looking, they are out there :slight_smile:

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Keep an eye for those 15% multibuy promotions on ebay. I managed to get plenty of 16tb drives at 9.5 GBP per TB thanks to that. No warranty but only 11k hours power on time on the drives and healthy.

I “terrorise” resellers…I tell them "I buy 10-20 HDDs, how much discount, please? They usually give me 10-20% Or you need to wait for Black Fridays, new tech arrivals where you may get more if price drops “naturally”.

Do not forget HDD margin for resellers is very low, and promotions/actions are usual strategy to get rid off product that do not sell or have high number of RMA…such as MBs with X570 chipset