[EU] MEGA Plotter for Sale

For sale 2 x DELL R930 that can do plots in 4.20mins (on average each, 4.05 min record on clear Linux), mega stable can plot for weeks on end without any issues whatsoever, with the following configuration (each):

4 x E7-8890 V4 24c/48t 165W CPU’s (the best of the best in that socket)
32 x 16gb (512gb) DDR4 (the most optimal memory config)
4 x DC P4510 1.6TB NVME temp drives
1 x Samsung 870 EVO 500gb system drive
2 x 25gb Mellanox Connect-x 4
2 x Dell NVME controllers supporting 4 NVME drives each (with all cables included)
4 x Dell 1600W EPP platinum power supplies
1 x Dell sliding ready rail kit
5 x 2.5 inch caddies, 19 x drive blanks
iDrac enterprise

Backplane support 16 SAS/SATA drives and 8 NVME’s Gen3 x4, servers are fully tricked out with all bells and whistles that can come with it pretty much the best config you can get them in. Servers use roughly 1000W when under 100% load. Overall physical appearance I would say strong A.

Servers would be shipped in a custom made insulated wooden enclosure. For Serbia/Slovenia/Croatia/Bulgaria/Macedonia/Montenegro/Bosnia and Herzegovina I can probably arrange some cheap transport. Please bid transparently, for any questions please leave a message, thanks.

Plotting Proof: DELL R930 4 x E7-8890V4 Bladebit Chia plotting - YouTube

Service Tags:

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prove it, post a video showing these plot times

also, share the service tags that are attached to the chassis so we can review the device’s history and age

Plotting proof and service tags added to the initial post.

Some of the older screenshots:


okay so here’s what I can tell

it was used by 2 companies for several years one for 4 years in Germany and another for 5 years in the UK, then decommissioned and processed by an ewaste recycler

one of them is missing a total of 80x 32GB DIMMs and another one has had it’s processor downgraded and both had their disks removed and instead replaced with empty dummy blank fillers

in addition the wattages you listed don’t match the wattages in the original partlist

so some asshole tore it down completely and then stripped it down for parts and resold to you as CTO through most likely ebay (or as these parasites like to advertise: “fully customized to your wishes!”).

meaning they resold it to you part by part whilst you were getting fucked on the price for each additional component
meanwhile the capacites on the drives don’t match the ones listed

resellers usually only use OEM branded parts so judging by the fact that there’s Samsung drives in there it’s safe to assume you fucked around with the hardware too.

i can give you maybe 800 a piece

I could have told you that without the service tags, machines ware purchased barebones, processors memory, backplanes and expansions cards ware sourced by me, all original dell parts, apart from memory which is Samsung and drives which are OEM Intel. RAM, drives and CPU’s and PCIe expansions cards are all user serviceable components so I do not think i “fucked around”, systems pass all internal checks and there are no errors of any kind in the iDrac log nor kernel log on startup or otherwise.

I would consider selling you an empty chassis for 800 a piece tho.

Don’t worry, if you look at their other posts they seem to like ripping into people.

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I would think 2200-2500 would be a good price for this in the US.

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