[EU/SPAIN] I need to buy hard drives for my chia farm. Preferably disks of more than 10TB, with use of 1 year or less and located in Europe.

I’m selling my 400+ TB farm from Finland.
Most disks are 1 year old or younger.

WD Elements 10B8 - 2 TB
WD My Book 1230 - 4 TB
WDC WD4000FYYZ-0 - 4 TB
WDC WD140EDGZ-11 - 14 TB (2 pcs)
WDC WD160EDGZ-11 - 16 TB (2 pcs)
WDC WD180EDGZ-11 - 18 TB (4 pcs)
WDC WUH721818AL - 18 TB

ST8000DM004-2CX1 - 8 TB (2 pcs)
ST10000NM001G-2M - 10 TB
ST14000NM001G-2K - 14 TB (2 pcs)
ST16000NM001G-2K - 16 TB

TOSHIBA MG08ACA1 - 16 TB (5 pcs)

Seagate Expansion Plus 5 TB
Seagate Expansion Desk 6 TB (3 pcs)

Let me know if you’re interested. UPS seems to have reasonable shipping costs from Finland to Spain.

I’m interested in 10tb drives or more. But I could take over your farm for a reasonable price. How much do you want for your farm?

I’m only buying 18TB disks

I’m thinking of something like 13€/TB for disks that are internal and are 1 year old or younger. Most of them were bought from Amazon.de

10€/TB for externals and below 10TB capacity

I can buy today, Toshiba MG 16Tb disks and 5-year warranty for €13.45/Tb.
I understand that most farmers bought at higher prices and selling them for less does not seem to be profitable.
I could pay up to €8.5/Tb for the entire batch.

You’re better off buying those 13€/TB Toshibas then.
I’ll rather just keep my farm on than sell for ridiculous prices.

Used hard drives go for 15€/TB in Finland so I guess I’ll just slowly sell them one by one.

Good luck finding HDDs that last for 8.5€/TB

Hi, I have 7x8T in usb 3 under garantie with original boxe , and approximately 40T in 4 or 6 T in a 10 emplacements nas, 40% are key plotted key furnished, I go away in Europe, im west french for direct transaction, 1500€ all with the nas

Maybe not directly related to buying, but I am genuinly interested to know the thinking that led you to decide to buy hard drives for a farm. I want to expand too but just for the fun of it. But I can’t find any valid reason other than that.