[EU] Western digital elements 10tb x 10

Selling my WD elements 10 tb x 10 (100 TB total) for 1500 EUR. All bought in May-July 21 with original boxes and plots + 10 usb hub with external power supply + 10 outlet power strip

XCH/EUR accepted as payment. Buyer covers the shipping cost in EU.

I offer €1000.
I can get brand new 18tb enterprise drives for 290 and have bad experience with these boxes…

Brand new are about 220 EUR, so I thought 150 EUR is a fair price. 100 per drive is way too low.

Not sure what you mean by bad experience with these boxes. All of them have matching number and receipt when I bought them + 10 usb hub with external power supply + 10 outlet power strip as a gift (I can send pictures if needed).

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I have to keep in profitability zone within 2 Years for these drives (2 years warranty).
I strip them out of the case to add them to my JBOD. No use for hubs / power.

It is what I can offer. Perhaps someone else offers more.

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€15/tb is a bit on the high side, there’s better price per tb for higher density drives. I think you’re better off to keep farming then sell them in a few years.

They’re 169 euro new on Amazon.DE (including VAT and shipping)

Reduced to 1250 EUR.

Reduced to 1000 EUR.

In which country do you live?

as stated on mar 29, I would accept the offer for that price