[Europe] 9x SEAGATE IronWolf Pro (SATA, 18 TB), 1.6TB Intel Optane P5800X, 14TB WD Gold


I have

9x SEAGATE IronWolf Pro (SATA, 18 TB) at my retailer waiting to be picked up. Since I cannot use the drives myself at the moment, I would like to sell them at 599,99 Euro each. You can have the invoices from the original purchase on request. Drives are not OEM and according to the Seagate Website have guaranty. Also the invoice states 5 years guarantee. I already picked some more drives up. Shipping worldwide. Payment via bank transfer, paypal etc. I also have an american bank account for wire transfers. We can do video calls before purchase or similar for id check if required.

Additionally, I have 14 TB WD gold to sell for 490 Euro. Same retailer as above. Invoice on request.

Also, I have 1x 1.6 Intel Optane P5800X U.2 to sell. Price is 4999 Euro. Different retailer but you can also have the invoice.

All drives are new and unused.

Also I could fill the drives with Chia plots for you if you provide me the keys required to plot for you. Price can be negotiated. I can output about 10 TB a day.

Pick them up and post some pics.

That’s three of the last patch I picked up.


Wow. Can only embed one pic atm because I have a new account.

I think this HDD was not on the previous picture. Sold the 3 above already. But now you get a pic with a hardcoded watermark and the same fancy floor in my living room. :slight_smile:

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