Exact temp file space for plotting

Does anyone knows the exact number a 2TB M.2 able to support parallel plots at once?

Some say 4.

Some say 5.

Some even says 6.

Anyone can give a clear indication based on experience a 2 TB able to plot how many plots at once.

What is the exact range of temp space needed for 1 plot?

Usually a 2 TB will have a working available space of 1.85TB

I divide free space by 280 (GB).
1850 GB / 280 = 6.6 Plots. I’d go for 6

Ok. Appreciste your response

This depends on a number of factors. The charts from Chia.net say a K32 plot takes 256 GB of temp space maximum.

But, it starts at 0 GB and the size keeps growing until it reaches it’s max size at the end of phase2. From phase 3 the size starts going down until it reaches the final size of 106GB at the end of phase 4.

So if you use a stagger that spreads the plots out so they are running in different phases from each other, you can fit more plots on the same space. 8 plots is for sure possible, maybe even 9-10.

The write speed (sustained! write speed, so not the advertised speed on the box) of the drive is also important. If a drive has a low write speed, it might struggle to do anything more than 4 plots at the same time.

Have a look at the sustained write speed graph here for reference:

It varies but not by much 270 GiB (290 GB) looks to be fine

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I am running 8-9 in parallel (staggered) on 2 x 1TB SSD.
I am monitoring the free space and have nearly always more than 100GB free.