Exchachange for XCH

I was ooking at coinsbit. Does anyone know if i can use it as a U S citizen?
What exchange do you typically use for Chia? Or ar you just holding it?

I was bouncing between Kucoin and Tradeogre (no XCH on this one) to get into other coins, but last I checked, Kucoin wasn’t dealing with US customers. HODLing for now; haven’t tried coinsbit yet.

I have been using OKX for almost a month, everything is great about it so far


It dosenot have the Teter version of the chianise money

Can you explain what you saying? Do you mean tether. And which exchange are you referring to? Which chain of it does it not have ?

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well OKX exchange not support teter yuan stablecoin,

Afaik no such thing exists!.
Tether is USDT, USD stable coin.

Please either do some research or stop the incessant trolling / nonsense.

I believe the latter is applicable.

USDT usd ? I heard of gold coins

Now dont i?999999999

CNHT the tether yuan backed stablecoin?

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Lol, i stand corrected.