Exchange Corporate account


I need to open a Chia Corporate account on some exchange.
As i understood i need Exchange corporate account.
Can someone recommend a good exchange, with chia listed, where i can exchange my chia to euro, and transfer to my company EU bank account in euro ?


Exchange corporate accounts are available on most major exchanges.

You need to figure out many things first, probably starting with what country you and your company live and pay taxes in and how the corporate location of each exchange impacts you and your company.

After you have limited your choices down you will need to evaluate exploit security, financial security, rates, etc.

This has little to do with Chia or most of our forum’s users.

You are best seeking your answers at the exchange pages themselves and their reddit pages.

Talking with your corporate accountant and lawyer would probably be a good idea as well.

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Hi, thanks i have done that.
I live in EU, and have some hard time to find EU based Exchange for Chia. Any clues here?