Expanding GUI's havester listing

I have 5 harvesters. Each one shows up on my GUI’s “Farming” tab.

What happens when you have more than 5 harvesters?
Do only the first 5 to respond get listed for each challenge?
Does the listing automatically grow to display the 6th (etc) harvester?

If not, is there a config.yaml field that can be set to increase the number of harvesters that get listed?

Isn’t that just the last five challenges, as another challenge comes in the earliest one drops off.

Only thing odd on yours is they are not in time order, I have 5 on mine with just the one harvester and the challenges are shown in time order.

Harvesters are shown on the harvesters tab.

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No. Although it might appear that way, when you have only 1 harvester, because each challenge will be responded to by that single harvester, pushing up the output one row at a time for each new challenge.

If you had 2 harvesters, you would see two rows at a time being updated (etc for 3 harvesters / rows).

If one of your two harvesters had 1000 plots, and the other harvester had 1500 plots, then you would see something like this, under the “Plots Passed Filter” column:

4 / 1000
6 / 1500

So you would know which result is for which harvester, based on it showing you the number of plots. If you happen to have 1000 plots for both harvesters, then you can’t tell which is which.

Good eye. I missed that.
The listing is not ordered by time (unless you have one harvester, because one row will get updated for each challenge, leaving no choice but to have the time increment, one row at a time, as each new challenge is responded to by the single harvester).

The timestamps listed are derived from the harvesters, and the listing gets ordered by whichever harvester responds the fastest. If one of the harvester’s clocks was 3 hours off, you would see that incorrect time listed as challenges came in.

Your good eye reveals that one of my harvester’s clocks is imprecise.

I will check to ensure it is connecting to my time server.

I keep only my full node connected to the internet. My other harvesters have no internet access, presenting a problem staying time synced with a time server.

My remedy was to enable my full node to act as a time server, and direct my harvesters to sync from my full node. But the time syncing happens every 90 minutes (or is it every 24 hours? – I can’t find the setting – it is probably buried in the registry).

It is possible that its time is off by ½ a second, and a challenge came in just when the minute changed. It should correct itself on its next time server sync. But it might have stopped syncing. Its time syncing process might have stalled.

I normally watch the “Farming” tab, because it lets me see that challenges are being responded to by all of my harvesters. It lets me verify that the timestamps are current. It lets me verify that plots from each harvester are passing the filter.

But if I were to connect a 6th harvester, then only 5 would be displayed. The first harvester to respond, for each challenge, would fly by (immediately scroll up and off the screen), due to the other (slower) harvesters filling the available 5 rows. And the order continually shuffles, because the harvesters all responds within a split second of each other, and the photo finishes keep changing.

And if someone’s harvester count continues to increase, the ability to monitor becomes less and less useful. If someone has 10 harvesters, then only ½ of them will be viewable for each challenge, and it will be random.

With that said, I hope someone can shed some light on how a 6th or more harvester could be displayed on the Farming tab. I suspect that it just will not add a row; that 5 rows is hard coded into the program.

I see what you mean, you could setup Grafana Dashboard, there are some guides on YouTube for that.