Expected output from plotnft leave

So I have massive problems leaving a pool and going solo, for some reason my transaction doesn’t seem to get submitted to the mempool.

so I thought maybe I’m getting a error message just not understanding it.

When I run the plotnft leave command in cli I get the following output but I have no idea if it’s the correct one.

Transaction submitted to nodes: [('c6d152e714ee2ac05aaef35a04b7215397e7b17b1bf09d3226bfb5a242092cba', 3, 'ALREADY_INCLUDING_TRANSACTION'), ('c6d152e714ee2ac05aaef35a04b7215397e7b17b1bf09d3226bfb5a242092cba', 3, 'ALREADY_INCLUDING_TRANSACTION')]
Do chia wallet get_transaction -f 488115887 -tx 0x2b2aa8c806a27acb8b4823f79558a2dc6964599e3d13d6fe8aa50baff5a9fe33 to get status.

According to some code I can find on github “ALREADY_INCLUDING_TRANSACTION” could maybe be a error message but alas I cant read code.

Anyone that has a test machine with a few plots that they can run the leave command on to see what their output is?

There’s a dust storm going on right now. How long have you been waiting to leave? It could take several hours.

48h with a very high fee, so I don’t think it can be the duststorm any longer

its your old wallet.db
I promis
upgrade to 1.3.3
delete ur old wallet.db file
ensure u get the new v2 wallet.db
should sync in a day or so. no problemo.
I experienced very similar issues.
I know it sounds strange but your wallet db doesn’t really have anything to do with your wallet u hold.
and has alot to do with a bunch of other functions.,.

trust me. do exactly as I said. and get urself alllthe way up to date

no more dust stores. no more sync issues… running nicest ive ever seen. truly

hope this helps

Thanks, but it’s not that I have 1.3.3, if anything it might be the new wallet on1.3 that is failing to send the transaction to the mempool.

No seriously the version. 1.3.3 is the best thing to happen to chia sense the pools protocol.
The wallet .db has nothing to do with ur wallet in hand be deleted and re synced to the new v2 wallet no problem.
As for the old wallet.db. It does not play nicely with anything 1.3.+. AT ALL.

people think they need to keep their wallet.db safe for whatever reasons. Keep it with them. It’s a gross misconception.

I dont think you understand, I have a fresh install so nothing but 1.3.3 has ever been installed on my farmer. Admins on keybase tell me is the wallet having problems so I’m inclined to believing them. I’m gonna try and delete the wallet db and have it resync, maybe it got corrupted somehow.

for fast transaction change 100 000 mojo

I even had a much higher fee, it wasn’t that. Somehow the client had corrupted the wallet db, cuz I deleted all files in the wallet db folder and resynced, that fixed it.

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