Experiences with 20 TB drives?

Hey everyone, I am think about switching my farm to 20 TB drives. Anyone got some yet? What are you experiences, in particular compared to 18 TB drives. How is noise, reliability, etc.?

I have many 18TB disks Seagate and WD 3.5" disks. For me they run just like other 3.5" disks spinning. Just keep them cool. So far the price of a 20TB disk hasn’t fallen into my window price yet.


20 TB drives are attractive. But those last two TBs (compared to 18 TB drive) cost a small fortune.

I am not prepared to pay $50 per TB (for each of the last two 2 TB) for that luxury, especially since the value of XCH is so low.

I have never used a 20 TB drive, and I know no one that has. So I can only guess that they will probably operate no differently than the lower capacity drives in their same line.

For example, I have 14 TB, 16 TB, and 18 TB drives from the same product line. They all seem to perform the same in every respect. Anything is possible, but the 20 TB drives will probably be no different.

I wonder who is purchasing 20 TB drives at their inflated price?
Perhaps folks that need only one high capacity drive and decided to spend the extra scratch to satisfy their itch?

Or businesses that really need the high capacity, such as youtube? And if they buy in high volume, I suspect that they are not paying the inflated price for those last two TB (just a guess).

I will buy one for xmas :santa: :santa:

You are not supposed to tell me what you are buying me. It ruins the surprise.

Have to run up to North Jersey and talk with Toni in early Dec.

Like someone I know who just has to have the latest greatest thing, such as a 20TB drive, which will sit 95% empty for the majority of its lifespan… :laughing:

Not if their plotting it won’t sit empty.

I purchased two internal 20TB Western Digital drives but waited till WD ran a promotional discount. I started transitioning/scaling from external drives over to internal HDDs after my year milestone.

  • 7x 5TB

  • 13x 10TB

  • 13x 14TB

  • 26x 16TB (2 queued-up waiting to be plotted)

  • 13x 18TB (4 queued-up “ “ “ )

  • 2x 20TB

  • 28x open slots

On January 15th, I had to utilize WD’s RMA process ($5 shipping via their website) for one 16TB drive thus far without any delays nor challenges. I did follow up once the return package was confirmed delivered then patiently waited but didn’t stop my plot production line; so very Thankful to Simon N., David C., Jeff K., and Ryan S… over at WD’s Service and Support.

What type of chassis do you have for the drives (model # etc)

What was the price?
How did you hear about the promotion?
Was the sale direct from Western Digital, or from elsewhere?

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I would rather ask how come if that RMA was so smooth sailing, there were so many support people involved in it. The list kind of matches my list, when I went through 4 months of hell with WD every time the case was closed and then a new one created getting a new guy, basically stating the same thing what you have posted. :wink:

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The Chia token is less than $50… $50/TB is a no Bueno. I do my best to pay less than $20 per TB for HDDs. I’m utilizing a few Sabrent USB docking station(s) as my goto enclosure till I find reasonable direct-attached storage on eBay. My budget kept me from buying more since the Samsung 970 pro 1TB SSDs are on sale at MicroCenter :wink: plus swapping/upgrading my primary plotter by the end of summer.

I’m just sharing my experience with Western Digital. I’m not too computer savvy here a few rpocess/next step questions came up. WD customer service seems to work as a team effort which is not uncommon IMO. I did my best not to break email chain history so there’s also a reference number in the email string subject-line for continuity of service purposes etc. Perhaps one’s subsequent inquiry will have a different experience to share?!?

I find it interesting how the various 13x and 16x USB-powered hubs utilize different switching power adapters. I wasn’t paying close attention to these differences a year ago. For example, my goto hubs offer a standard (5V 4A) and heavy duty (5V 6A-10A) power brick. Anyways… both 20TB drives seem quiet and reliable but ask me again after the 1st halving. It wasn’t like I bought a case/batch or half-case of them.

20TB have come down in price, serverpartsdeals offering them at like $385 each and 18tb for $300, considering 20TB used to be like $450+ when 18s were $330

hmm. 20 vs 18 does not seem to be woth the extra 80 bucks imho.
4 drives (320 chf) makes 8 TB but could buy another 18TB for that extra cost…

Need to shop

Now This is what I really need (EDDCT100) 100TB disk

I wonder when those large SSDs will start filtering through to the second hand market, but will probably still be very expensive. Imagine getting 1PB in 10 drives :grinning:

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…and those 10 drives would consume the same power as a night-light (once plot writing is completed).

Quite a bit more than a night light - between 7 to 17w each, but substantially cheaper than running the equivalent space on spinning rust.

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seymour.krelborn said he was going to buy me some of those 100TB drives. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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