Explain Chia Pool OG&NFT/PP profits to me like as if I was 5 years old

NFT ( hpool is calling PP, Chia this week is calling NFT ) is new for everybody, including space&hpool, and the little guppy’s, lets walk through this.

I don’t think HPOOL as of yet knows, as right now they have a (?) box on the ‘pp’ NFT plots for this case, where they show the predicted earning of 0.2xch/pb/day, and then (+ ?0.25xch); So allow me to explain that would be a full-block, and that 0.25xch would be 6PB to ‘win’ a full-block, to which the 0.25xch is hypothetically added, but certainly 1PB doesn’t add (0.25xch), that’s why right now the USD for OG says $40, and PP say’s $90, cuz the website person put (?), because at this point they don’t know how to calculate; Now this is a “POOL” which means shared by all so quit talking about being the ‘winner’, now if true they could in theory given the entire ‘0.25xch’ to ONE ACCOUNT who won that block, but that would defy the very existence of the ‘pool’ which we have pool like this they’re called “SOLO POOLS”, of which this is not. AT best every 6PB daily a bonus 0.25xch is tossed in, so this on a daily basis can be seen an an average compensation, but certainly not 2x USD $$$ as the web-dev thinks right now, more like 0.2xch+(0.25/6)=0.241 aka $48, and NOT $92, just a tad over $42 est on OG.


Seriously folks there are now +200 chia ‘official scam pools’ NFT to the moon. Luckily we only need consider the top ten, or cut-off at 100PB. I think HPOOL will catch up to space-pool very quick, but there really is no incentive to re-plot, I think we’re seeing new plots; seems to be now doubling daily. Remember HPOOL only started their NFT pool last night, and space has had all week.

[ the ^6pb/block/day comes from the https://www.chiaexplorer.com/charts/xchTib win estimate of 0.3 xch/pb/day; Thats how much the pool is expected to win or a solo miner; Then there is the pool-user estimate which is 0.21 xch/pb/day, note that amount is same for all pools pp & og, space, foxy, & hpool; all things are essentially equal ALL POOLS of Large Size Payout exactly the same. 10TB(100Plots) would be 0.021xch/day $0.42 aka 42 cents/day ]

U can’t expect a solo & pool to pay out the same, because with the pool your are guaranteed 100% a certain amount daily, but on solo, you could actually go for days, months, and/or weeks & never see a win, so the difference is 100% vs 50% win probability. I personally would rather be on pool and get 100% returns daily, then never see anything for long stretches. Like these numbers show to win a daily block u need 6PB, which a bigger number of plots than most of the 200 ‘official shit pools’ out there. Even PP for HPOOL right now is about 66pb which means they’re winning ten block a day. space-pool now is 400pb, but that is 2% of hpool, “losers” Right now the chinese pools are +90% of CHIA Pool Space, and space-pool is the biggest western follower at 2% it ain’t looking good for PP or the West.

0.25 is not shown on the pools… only the 1.75

click on ihpool.com, then click on chia, then click on ‘pp’ u will see 0.21 XCH/PiB(+0.25 XCH) $94.94400000/PiB

The 0.21 xch payout is correct and OG is exact same; The addition is a mistake, like I explain above at best it would be $6 boost, but in reality it will be closer to $4, because same problem as 0.2/0.3, your not a solo-winner don’t expect 100%, expect 66%;

*** foxy-pool miner for xch chia-OG pay’s out the exact same ( 0.21 xch/pb/day )

HPOOL OG says 0.20 XCH/PiB $41.28000000/PiB, this is 100% correct; The real payout for ‘pp’ [NFT]per PB on payout is about 0.04*(2/3)*200 (xch) about $5, so I would expect $46, and not $94.

The NFT payouts on space-pool are seeing about 0.22 where OG on hpool were seeing and told 0.2, that extra 0.02 on space is this ‘bonus’, its not much to get you laid in a bar. I would not go around bragging, in time HPOOL will figure out how to calc, my guess is right now they’re watching to see what the real payouts are, then they’re develop a prediction algo for ‘pp’ that is correct.

Lastly, much of this BS is based on the current $200 XCH USD value, its dropping like a rock, next week $100, then $50.

In summary the price difference between NFT & OG plots say at 10TB is a few cents, the diff between 42 cents & 43 cents whoopeee we’re rich.

I don’t think anyone here has to pretend like you are a 5 year old child.


That’s seriously funny cuz everybody at chia-net knows theyr’e user base has a sub-double-digit-IQ; Remember dumb&dumber??

I agree completely, why should anybody pretend, when in fact they think like 5 yr olds. It just comes naturally for the chia flock, like any cult;

So who is the bag-holder in this scam you? Or did you find someone even dumber? Sort of like Greatest Fool Theory the holy-grail of stupid to find somebody to buy your feces that’s dumber than you.

Why are you even here? I doubt anyone could follow your incoherent ramble above. What even is your question?


I agree with his question. Why are you here? I totally support people with opinions. Even if they do not align with mine. But you don’t have any opinions. The only thing you do is post to create controversy. I haven’t seen one positive post from you. About anything. You are the pure definition of a troll.

The only thing that a troll wants is an argument. So I can assure you, this is the last time I ever respond to a comment you make and I hope others do the same. Just ignore everything you say.


One thing you clearly don’t understand - it doesn’t matter how big a pool is in absolute terms, or relative to the next biggest or the biggest pool, all that matters is that it is big enough to statistically win within some acceptable threshold of hours/days. A pool with less space will pay out more per win, but less frequently than a pool with more space. As long as the pool wins at least once every few hours, it’s fine for me.

This is no different from any other crypto mining.


I would answer your question based on a simple answer…with the 6-sided dice statistic.

On a dice, every turn you have 1/6 chance of receiving the number you chose, however when you play the dice again your chance still 1/6, the only thing that would change your stats chance would be to have your number repeated in a or more sides of 6 sides.

An algorithm uses statistical probability in the same way, however if you read the article about Chia that is on the project website, you will have access to the details of how it works and unfortunately it is not possible to explain this in a simple way.

Basically what you need to keep in mind if you want to mine chia is:

    • Directly connected to the network, you have 512 blocks for each probability roulette with a chance of winning, and to participate in all blocks you need to have statistically enough K blocks for that.

If you don’t have enough K blocks to have good odds when the algorithm throws the dice…better go to a pool…why do you ask? I say “statistics”, if you have a dice with 3,148,372 sides with different numbers, what’s your chance here?

Add your chance, the weight of the K blocks you have proportionally to the size of the K blocks in the entire network…I imagine your probability is some much smaller number than winning the lottery :slight_smile:

So, the problem with Hpool is just this, since the chance of the dice falling on their side, since they have 1/3 of the sides of the dice…it’s pretty high and they can share a lot more chia fragments with pool farmers, compared to other smaller pools.

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I appreciate the respect. To the last line, a penny more is a penny more. I don’t think anyone was selling NFT plots on “you’ll earn so much more” the argument is that you can’t cheat the pool, so everyone will be paid fairly.

Not sure what you’re on about with the .25 xch, in the official pools, implemented in chia itself, the farmer gets .25 xch for themselves (and the fees) on a win and the other 1.75 is distributed to the pool. Does HPOOL with their closed source client steal the .25 from you to distribute as well?

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Payouts don’t lie; I suggest u mine on all these pools & see for yourself, if u haven’t already done so; My close inspections of all the new ‘official pools’ I’m seeing massive inflation of reality by 5X or more.

It’s telling when a ‘whale’ is reported to have 6PB, but is only being paid out 0.5.xch/day ( he should be getting + 2xch/day ); Then there is the ‘block winner’ bs, I have yet to confirm a single ‘winner’ having gotten a block, again just like the past 4 months “I just won solo mining on 10 plots an won a block”, yep right.

Liars, never modfiy a working scam

Change it to a 31 sided dice, and we have a compromise

You realize you are an active member of the “cult” or “flock” you garble against?

The bank has fees, brokers fleece you, your realtor takes a cut, the local grocery store maintains a percentage, the house ALWAYS wins.

Personally, I decided to not join ANY pool as ALL will take a percentage.

Argument about which, if any, pools are getting their fair share is useless. It will take at least months to a year or more for random number theory to settle into reasonable averages and even then, there will be peeps and pools at both ends of the lucky scale and at both ends of the total plotted scale.

My Chia bet was a bad one as it will not pay off any time soon, if at all. My best bet now is to keep chugging, fill up my 140TB with K33s, hope for some wins and then HODL. There is no short term return from Chia for me.

To me, the obvious reason for the continuing Chia price drop (beyond the many other obvious factors) is early big farmers having to sell in a mad chase to get some ROI. This may actually benefit the small farmer like me in the long run. Lower XCH price means less network growth and hopefully XCH price stabilization if the rest of the crypto market goes along, lol.

So I will farm and HODL in the hope of what comes in three to five years. It makes no sense for me to give a percentage of my earnings to any pool.


A cult by definition never realizes they’re a cult member, they see their cult as a ‘family’.

The cult always gets its flock to be dogmatic and believe that there way is the only way, similar to the ‘new plots’, or the re-plot where burning up your NVME’s to replot is the for the the ‘good of the cult’

No, just because I mine OG plots on HPOOL, and FLAX doesn’t mean I have drank the kool-aide.

As per usual, you totally avoided the issue you started and immediately went to trying to prove you are better than others.

You are farming, pooling, and arguing about any topic you can find to stress about. That makes you a member. Deciding you do not like the cult you have joined should probably motivate you to quit, but instead you choose to start stupid arguments here.

Cult or not, I will block you as your conversations are all troll like.

End of conversation.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

For the most part this forum is great. Gives me something to do when im watching plots being made. (Which is all the time) i read some of this and laugh. But most of the people here are helpful if you ask for help. :slight_smile:

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is this really all you guys do here?
mindless insults

Your brand new hidden profile is an obvious new account to replace somemoar as you have been flagged so many times.

So go away! What are you doing here?

somemour you are nothing more than a pimple on this forum’s butt! :rofl:

Currently, the market for chia is primarily owned by farmers and some traders who operate on trading sites that accept chia.

Thinking that as the market expands and speculators enter the price will increase is funny. Virtual currencies have no backing and depend on the trading and speculating community, currently the price is not worth the investment cost and when other big sites start trading XCH, the price will drop even further.

I don’t think Chia is among the best assets to speculate and earn with long-term profitability equal to BTC/ETH, but I respect those who live in that dream.

And this is relevant to what conversation? Thanks for your opinions … :poop: