automated plotting Service for sale (Full service)

We built from the ground up for one purpose and that purpose was to sell plots to customers. I believe we’ve accomplished our goal of making the best-automated plotting service in the world.

Now it’s for sale.

You’ll receive the following

  • The custom website and domain.
  • All the automated plotting code (running the plotters, storage)
  • 10 plotting servers producing around 70 plots daily each.
  • 10 storage servers.
  • Our Discord server which has 124 users.
  • We can also discuss just selling everything without the servers.
  • We will also support you so you have everything running from the get-go.

Scaling up and down and adding new servers takes about 3 minutes.

You can either take payments in Cryptocurrency or through the website using Stripe and Paypal. I’ll guide you through changing the link to your Paypal/Stripe.

For any more information, finances, or statistics send me a message!


These guys seem to be gone already. Any legit plot service providers?

There are probably a couple honest ones but there is so little demand for plotting that none have done well. Overcoming trust and bandwidth issues is difficult. You can easily create plots faster than you can download them, and ultimately, do so for less money.

Frankly, most peeps understand that if you are not plotting for yourself and plotting to fill a significant amount of self-owned storage then you are crippling any chance of ROI.

1 Like is shutdown.
Several websites still providing services so far.
Fast chia plotting service, buy chia plot, chia plotting online, cheap chia plot start at $0.59/plot has been running for several months.
Let me analyze the main problems and current situation of these services

Why would anyone use this service:

  1. plotting speed. Without high performance configuration, the plotting speed is very slow, and direct purchase is faster

  2. When the demand is small or uncertain, it is much expensive to buy an dedicated plotting server, and it is cheaper to buy plot directly

  3. Technical barriers are not a problem for most users of this forum, but many people are really not proficient or don’t want to spend too much time on it. (in fact, there are only very a few customers from this forum are using our service, most of user of this forum have prepared their own plotting server)


  1. The biggest cost of providing this service: storage and bandwidth. (the cost of bulk plotting is not high, and everyone can calculate it)

  2. The biggest obstacle to getting orders: trust. (we get users’ trust by No minimum quantity orders and free trial orders )

  3. The biggest technical difficulty is: network latency, let your users get the best download speed from anywhere, CDN is not the choice about it(the traffic cost will exceed $10/plot)
    (we optimize the network through the pairing of client programs and service programs. The download speed is basically not affected by network latency, which is very close to your test speed on The disadvantage is that we need to download the client, which will reduce the trust. We improve the trust through open source code)

  4. Through hard disk trading, the risk is relatively large and it is more difficult to obtain the trust of customers. If you sell hard drives, there will be no problem, otherwise after-sales service and delivery problems will drive you crazy

From the perspective of advertising effect

Since XCH fell below $200, Chia’s attention has continued to decline, and the increment of new customers has decreased significantly. However, old customers still maintain their plotting plan, adding one or two hard disks every week, mainly 16tb-18tb.
If XCH continues to keep low, I think old customers will also interrupt the plotting plan

Thank you for your thorough response. I’ll be placing a test order with you. Thank you!

I has plotter and could provide about 70-100 plots per day, each 0.4$.

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