Special Offer £0.25 / $0.34 $/plot

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well! We’re now offering portable plots for £0.25 each which is around $0.34 cents.

Purchase using Paypal or Crypto, and watch them going through our automated platform through to completion.

To date we’ve delivered 5834 plots, instead of entering the unknown. Use an automated plotting service that has proven its ability to deliver time and time again!



Hello everyone! We’ve now delivered over 7025 plots amounting to 709 TB!

As always we take debit, credit cards, Paypal, and Crypto!

Grab them while you can


Hello everyone!

We’ve now completed 9117 plots for customers which is a whopping 902 TB!

I’m happy to announce we’ve stuck to $0.34 offer!


Hello everyone! We’ve now provided over 1 Petabyte of plots to customers!

I’d like to thank you all for sticking with us.

The price remains the same as specified in the title at £0.25 per plot.

We’ve also got another service in the works which should grab the interest of every XCH holder, not related to plots or pools which I’ll be announcing shortly.


Hello everyone!

We’ve launched our chia swap service starting with litecoin! If the service gets popular we’ll start adding more options to choose from!


Hello everyone! We’ve now delivered 15065 plots which is around 1.45 petabytes of data!

We’ve added more resources and optimised our website to where it loads nearly instantly!

Plots also now show as scheduled in your orders screen, which get replaced when the plots start processing (normally instantly) depending on the queue.

We have more features coming soon!

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Hey everyone! We’ve just released a new feature! Where you can now select how many plots you want to be processed per day until your order is fulfilled! No more waiting around, have them ready waiting for you!

Figure wise we’ve now processed 15982 plots totalling around 1.54 Petabytes!

We still provide support through Discord 24/7 as usual :slight_smile:

If you want 1 plot or 15000 plots we’ve got you covered!