Extend hdd capacity by memory


My 478Gb nvme isn’t big enough to plot k33. Is it possible to create virtual drive as combination of SSD and RAM?

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The short answer is, do not try to fight madmax. If you must upgrade your hardware then please do so.

You can plot 3 K33s in parallel on a 2TB NVME using the Chia plot option.

On a mid range plotter like my I7 with 32GB, 3 parallel K33s pushes my PC hard, but not too hard. Perfect.

A fast NVME that is large enough to plot your optimum target size and number of parallel plots (if not using madmax which does not parallel) is very important.

To be clear, for madmax, the single worker instance is parallel (using multiple cores).

Other plotters can have multiple instances also with multiple cores.

So from the queue scheduling perspective you might call madmax serial, but working on its task data it is parallel.

Yep. Parallel plotting and parallel processing are different things.

In my case, the parallel processing is already being fully utilized by the Chia GUI plotter while it also actually produces three plots in parallel.

This results in the Chia GUI plotter producing total plots twice as quickly as madmax for my and many other’s PC’s because of the Chia GUI plotter’s ability to produce more than one plot at a time and thereby, better use a mid-low end system’s resources.

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I am testing madmax now on k=34. I will try k=33 and k=32 later. :smiley:

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I could do K34s on my setup and madmax might be more efficient at this task on my PC.

I’ll do a test of both plotters on my PC for the K34 too! :sunglasses:

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Yes you can setup a partition over multiple physical volumes, and use that partition as the temp drive for madmax. It’s similar to a raid 0 configuration.

Could you point me to few tools for Windows?

You can plot to your NVMe, but use something like PrimoCache for that folder only, assigning as much of your free memory to it as you can, and asking PrimoCache to avoid writes if possible. That is basically what you have asked for.

What Jacek said, primo cache or primo ramdisk (hybrid drive) works well.

See also this thread with good information :